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Running a Health Clinic?

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Practice Management Tips

Writing a Health & Safety Policy for Healthcare

We’re covering the essentials of writing a health and safety policy for healthcare, including six steps to a safer workplace and five policy areas that you shouldn’t overlook.

10 Things to Know Before Starting a Private Practice

While starting a private practice can feel scary, if you do your research and prepare, you can move forward with confidence that you’re making the right decision.

Information You Need for Your Client Profiles

Complete client profiles help you streamline processes and are essential for your practice's growth.

Here is all the information you need to collect from your clients.

How to Eliminate No-Shows in Your Health Practice in 2022 (+ Webinar!)

Eliminate no-shows in your health practice with four proven approaches you can build into your Power Diary workflow. PLUS, a webinar with step-by-step instructions!

What to Include in a Physical Environment Policy for Healthcare

Physical environment policies and procedures help to ensure that practitioners, staff and clients are safe and comfortable. We walk you through what to include when developing a policy of your own.

Why You Need a Practice Operations Manual in Healthcare

When every aspect of your practice has been thought through and put into writing, you take out almost all of the guesswork for your team. A well-drafted set of policies and procedures empowers your team to make informed, consistent, strategic decisions.

We’re sharing why a practice operations manual is so important, and 11 key components to include.

10 Power Diary Features to Improve Your Workflow During COVID-19

Whether you’re faced with clients or team members who are off sick or in quarantine, these features mean that the wheels of your practice can keep turning.

Customer Service Tips for Healthcare Practices (+ Downloadable Reminders!)

To help keep customer service top of mind for your healthcare practice, we’ve compiled the best tips to help you deliver a world-class experience! PLUS, we’ve included downloadable posters with customer service reminders and examples of positive language.

Superbills: What Are They, And Do You Need Them For Your Health Practice?

For practices in the US, offering superbills can increase your practice's growth prospects. With Power Diary and just a few simple steps, you'll be well on the way to creating superbills for your clients.

5 Steps to a Powerful Customer Service Policy (+ Why it's So Important)

When all of your employees follow the same policy, clients know to expect consistent, great customer service. We’re covering why you need a customer service policy, and how to create an effective one for your healthcare practice.

Engaging Kids with Telehealth

While Telehealth with kids can be challenging, planning ahead can make a big difference. We’re sharing some simple tips and Telehealth activities for kids to help you run successful sessions with younger clients.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Practice

The end of the year is an ideal time to begin an in-depth review of your business. Guest contributor and business coach Rachel McMahon shares her three-step guide to strategic planning.
We have included a free downloadable workbook, Business Planning Workbook, to support you as you follow this planning framework.

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