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How to Write a Great Referral Feedback Letter

'Do you know what we like the most about your clinic?'
The unknown voice came from behind me in a crowded room of GPs and Practice Managers. My ego instantly generated a list of possible answers… effective treatments, awesome team of clinicians, patient’s love us…
'It’s your short letters’, came the answer, putting a quick end to my flight of fancy.
Here, Damien explains how to use referral feedback letters to grow your clinic.

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Release Notes: June 2021

The latest Power Diary updates include many usability enhancements as well as more work on the Medicare and Tyro integrations.

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

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6 Ideas to Create a More Visually Appealing Telehealth Background

If you're using Telehealth calls as part of your practice, here are some things to keep in mind - particularly visually appealing telehealth setup that clients see in your video...

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Reception Service

Have you ever wondered about using a virtual reception service in your private practice? It can be a great way to get leverage. Here, we outline the pros and cons of using a virtual reception service.

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Tips for Preparing for the EOFY in Australia

End of financial year is the bane of many healthcare practice owners in Australia.

Here are our 9 tips on how to prepare your business for EOFY.

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5 Practical Ways to Improve Your Practice’s Data Security

Data security is a top priority for health practices. With cybercrime on the rise, you can’t afford to be complacent.

Here’s how to tighten up your security.

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Use Reports to Find Golden Opportunities: With 7 Reports to Improve Your Practice

Your records hold the key to improved management of your practice! We’re sharing ideas for reports that will focus your communications efforts and help fill your calendar. Read on and start running these essential reports today.

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Giving Your Clients Confidence in a Post-COVID World

Since the Covid pandemic began, client expectations have changed. Here are some ways that health practices can demonstrate their commitment to health and give their clients confidence...

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Positive Feedback in Practice Management (Why and How to Focus on This)

Positive feedback is one of the easiest and most effective management tools. Here is why and how to focus on it in your practice management.

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How Do You Know When it’s Time to Recruit?

Working out the exact right time to recruit a new team member is complicated.

Here are the top considerations to review before hiring at your practice.

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Preparing to Return to Work During COVID-19

Returning to work during COVID-19 requires preparation and planning.

Here's some helpful advice for healthcare professionals returning to their workplace.

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Should You Charge for No-Shows? (With Example Policies!)

Are no-shows affecting your practice? Find out what to consider when developing a no-show policy. Here, we provide a list of pros, cons, and sample policies to get you started.

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3 Mindsets that Might be Holding You Back

Want to take your practice to the next level? Perhaps it's time to stop and consider what you need to change so you can build the practice and the life you want. See whether one (or more!) of these 3 mindsets might be holding you back.

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Release Notes: May 2021

The latest Power Diary updates include; more flexibility for session packs, Medicare integration upgrades, Tyro integration, and many smaller improvements.

See the details here...

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6 Types of Appointment Flags that Can Improve the Client Experience

Optimising the way you use appointment flags can go a long way to offering a better experience, both for your clients and your team. Learn more here.

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Staying Positive in Tough Times

It’s been a difficult year, so you may be feeling down or struggling for motivation.

Here are 8 practical strategies to help you stay positive in tough times.

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