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thistle + trunk virtual communication

Complimentary Software / Services, Canada

thistle + trunk offer ghost and copywriting services to health practitioners, allowing them to effectively communicate with their target audiences and clientele.

About thistle + trunk virtual communication

thistle + trunk offers health practitioners ghost and copywriting services, allowing them to communicate to their target audiences and clientele via the written word. Putting “a pen to paper” can be daunting for a lot of people; converting voice and tone in a professional yet personal manner is even trickier.

Their clients are professionals who know what they want to say, but struggle to find the best way to say it when it comes to writing it down. thistle + trunk offer professional-level writing, spelling and grammar services that get to the heart of the message and resonate with their clients’ target prospects.

Founder, Dayna, is comfortable and familiar with both British/Canadian and American spellings of English language vocabulary.

Whilst they support a wide range of health professions, thistle + trunk are particularly drawn to HAES nutritionists and dietitians, as well as mental health care providers.

They offer hourly, per-word, and package options for pricing. Get in touch today to see how thistle and trunk can help you grow your reach.

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