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Practice Operations Manual Policies

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Don’t leave the client experience up to the interpretation. These policies include guidelines for greetings, professional boundaries and dealing with difficult clients.

& Privacy

Patient confidentiality & privacy is of utmost importance and these policies cover client information management, the handling of third party requests, and more.


Policies to set the standards for the physical environment at your practice, including cleaning, disinfection, laundry, general waste, hazards and more.

Appointment Management

A documented set of policies around the management of appointments, booking procedures, reminders, no-shows, emergencies, and more.

Telehealth Policy

A set of policies and procedures for managing telehealth appointments including the use of technology, risk management, and client consent.

Health & Safety Policy

Workplace health and safety come down to sensibly managing risks to protect your employees and your practice. Theses guidelines ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Legal Disclaimer: 

Power Diary accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions included in the content, nor any loss or damage which may arise as a direct, indirect or incidental outcome of the application of any policies or procedures provided as sample content for an operations manual. All policies and procedures should be carefully read and edited or removed to suit your situation. Likewise, we do not make any claims that the content provided is complete in any sense and you should add any additional content that may be required for your circumstances.

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