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Between seeing and managing clients, marketing your services, keeping the accounting up to date, and more, running an audiology clinic isn’t a walk in the park, and it may sometimes feel like you’ll never get ahead.

Using audiology clinic software puts valuable time back in your hands to focus on what really matters. Audiologists and practitioners from around the world use Power Diary to streamline and support their practices, with everything from online bookings and client communication to clinical records and payment collection.

Power Diary’s Audiology Clinic Software

Apart from the ability to streamline your workflow and elevate the efficiency of your practice operations, Power Diary offers advanced security for data protection. Your clients will also love you for using it because they can book and pay for appointments online. Take advantage of the free trial offer to see exactly how this audiology software can transform your practice.

Audiology Office Management Software Features

Universal Calendar Management

Power Diary’s calendar feature allows you to view multiple practitioner calendars in one place and helps audiologists allocate time smartly if they work in multi-location clinics, or have more than one office. You can use colour coding and flags on your calendar to help you quickly see the status of an appointment (like pending, confirmed, or cancelled) or identify various types of appointments (for example, a first consultation, or hearing test).

Plus, Power Diary’s Google Calendar integration helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance, by making it even more convenient to access your business and personal appointments from anywhere, helping you to avoid double bookings.

Custom Clinical Notes

Power Diary’s clinical notes let audiologists easily record information about clients. Set up notes using an existing template or create your own, for example, if you want a space for images of audiograms.

Moreover, Power Diary lets you:

  • Scroll through previous notes while you’re writing a new one
  • Duplicate an old note to edit if there are few changes to report between consultations
  • View the edit history of a note
  • Perform quick searches to find important information

Flexible Reports and Analytics

Audiologists can keep track of the metrics that matter to them by accessing data from 26 different reports in Power Diary. For example, suppose you’d like to know whether a service like providing hearing aids or custom ear protection was more popular in a certain period, how the team in your practice is performing, or whether all outstanding monies for hearing tests have been collected. In that case, it’s as easy as pulling up the relevant report from the software.

Adaptable Practice Manual

Whether you run a solo or multi-location audiology practice, maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market isn’t getting any easier. Using a practice manual to ensure all staff know what’s expected when it comes to various aspects of their work will help you establish operational consistency, maintain compliance, manage risks, and create an environment that clients want to return to.

As part of your Power Diary subscription, you get an industry-first set of policies and procedures that are easily adaptable to suit the needs of your practice. For example, policies regarding the storage and required stock levels of hearing aid parts like receivers, domes, and battery drawers will go a long way toward keeping your clients happy.

Audiology Patient Management Software Features

Automated SMS & Email Communications

When you use Power Diary, you can dramatically decrease your no-shows and cancellations. Send up to 3 automated appointment reminders to clients by email or SMS. Save time by conducting two-way SMS or email communication between yourself and your clients within Power Diary, and even send out bulk communications to share promotions like a discount on a new cochlear implant.

24/7 Online Booking

Another Power Diary feature that can help audiologists maintain their competitive edge is online appointment booking. For example, if a part of someone’s hearing aid breaks after hours in the evening, they can immediately reserve the first available spot on your calendar to get a replacement part fitted. This level of access to your services will make clients feel safe and more in control of their circumstances.

Integrated Payments and Invoices

Collecting payment for services rendered has never been so easy. Power Diary lets you send invoices to clients online and enables them to pay you online. In combination with the built-in feature of two-way SMS or email communication, this feature is especially helpful for clients with hearing loss when settling or querying a bill.

Coordinated Client Management

Power Diary lets you record all the client data you might need, and with our cloud-based system, the information is always accessible to you.

From storing basic client information as well as the details of their contacts (e.g., parents, children, and next of kin) to their insurance, you can also keep track of referrals, appointment history, invoices, service preferences, and reminder methods right within Power Diary.

Paperless Online Forms

Create online forms to collect specific client data before an initial appointment! If a template doesn’t suit your needs, you can customise a form or create one from scratch.

Furthermore, when you send online forms in advance of an appointment, your clients won’t feel pressured to provide the required information too quickly, making them less vulnerable to supplying incorrect information. You’ll also be able to prepare for appointments more efficiently than ever, saving you time and money. And, having a description of a hearing concern in advance can help you take out the right equipment before the client arrives.

Secure Telehealth Video Calls

If you conduct remote sessions with your clients, Power Diary’s Telehealth feature lets you share screens with them and show them data, like audiograms, that could help you explain their test results. Apart from being compliant with all health standards (like HIPAA), this feature is very easy to use. It’s also a cut above the rest because Power Diary includes this feature at no extra cost, unlike other audiology clinic software packages.

An Audiology Software Comparison

When trying to choose the best audiology practice management software, it can be hard to sort through all the information. So, what makes Power Diary different from the rest?

Power Diary is co-owned by a clinician who has first-hand experience with what’s needed to run a successful practice.

  • There are no lock-in contracts, meaning you don’t have to be wary of paying large sums up-front to get started.
  • The support team is always online and ready to help, with expert assistance that’s easy to understand. The team offers quick response times and unlimited support as part of your Power Diary subscription at no extra charge.
  • To prove our passion for keeping our customers happy, we offer a 12-month money-back guarantee. You won’t find that anywhere else!
  • Since Power Diary is cloud-based, you don’t need to install any software or hardware, so you can be up and running in no time and work from anywhere.
  • The ready-to-use practice operations manual is an included feature exclusive to Power Diary. It will put your practice in a class of its own while saving you an immeasurable amount of time and effort.

Start a Free Trial of Our Audiology Software Today

These are just a few of the incredible features offered by Power Diary. That’s why it’s best to try it first-hand by signing up for a free trial. Start today to set your practice apart and keep your business thriving! If you’ve any questions, reach out and we’ll show you more of what Power Diary can do.

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