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Author: Damien Adler

End Of Financial Year for Health Practices

The End Of Financial Year doesn’t have to be a frantic period of wishing we’d been more organised! Instead of being dragged through this time kicking and screaming, let’s use it to our advantage! There are actually some great things about the EOFY that can help us grow and improve our practices. Here are 5 ways to make this End Of Financial Year period beneficial for your health practice.

Welcome from our Co-Founder Damien, Feature Updates, and Why Running a Practice is Like Being a Duck

Ducks appear to glide gracefully across the water, moving with little effort. Yet the view from below reveals a different picture - webbed feet working to propel, balance, and navigate. Feet that are never still, even when the duck seems to be at rest.

13 New System Updates to Kickstart 2019

We aim to provide a practice management system that allows you to run a practice while still having a life. We’re always working on a bunch of new features and tweaks to to make Power Diary even better. Here’s a quick rundown of updates we’ve released in the past few weeks.

3 Setup Tips for Multi-Location Practices

Running a business across multiple locations can get complex — but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Power Diary allows you to configure multiple locations within a single account. Ensure your availability is shown in the right locations, at the right times.

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