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Author: Zlatina George

ICD-10 Codes for Mental Health [+ Cheat Sheet!]

Get your hands on the most commonly used ICD-10 mental health diagnostic codes, combine them with the magic of Power Diary, and your billing headaches will be a thing of the past.

The Health Practitioner's Guide to Setting & Achieving Goals (+ a Webinar!)

You help clients to set and reach their goals every day. But when it comes to your own life, have you made an effort to develop personal or professional growth goals?

How to Build, Grow and Promote an Online Therapy Practice

Whether you’re considering moving your practice online partially or entirely, here are seven steps to help you successfully shift to online therapy.

Create a Quick-Access Key Contacts and Practice Information Resource

You can’t be everywhere to guide employees, but your operations manual can be. It walks staff through the basics of your practice and the how-to of daily operations.

How to Address Patient Complaints [+ Examples!]

When dealing with complaints, preparation and communication are key. Take the time to detail your process for dealing with complaints, and have templates ready so you can respond quickly and with empathy.

How to Improve Your SOAP Notes for Speech Therapy

Whether you're a seasoned speech therapist or just starting out, understanding how to write effective SOAP notes is an essential part of providing top-notch care to your clients.

Power Diary Earns Spot on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards

Power Diary earns a spot on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards, placing #65 on the Fastest Growing Products & #16 on the Best Software Companies/AU and NZ.

Release Notes: January 2023

The latest Power Diary updates include a client diagnosis feature launched, supporting Arabic currency and date format, plus more...

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

How to Write a Great Job Post for Your Health Practice [+ FREE Job Post Checklist]

Several elements are critical for a good healthcare job post. When you know and include them in your listings, you’ll attract the right hires and save yourself retention issues in the future.

Release Notes: February 2023

The latest Power Diary updates include Medicare/DVA Automatic Payment Allocations (AU), Client File Uploads on Online Forms, plus more...

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

Is it Time to Raise Your Rates? [+ A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do it Right]

All practitioners have to grapple with the question of when and how to raise their rates. Take a look at the dos and don'ts to equip yourself with the knowledge you need!

15 Tips to Help You Retain Patients [+1 BONUS TIP]

Once you’ve onboarded a patient, it pays to put effort into retention. In fact, losing just one patient can cost thousands in the lifetime of a practice.

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