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How to Choose the Best EMR for Small Practices

What Is EMR Software?

Electronic medical records (EMR) software allows small health practices like yours to manage their clients’ medical records securely, efficiently and digitally.

EMR vs. EHR: What’s the Difference?

Electronic medical records (EMR) are digitised versions of a client’s charts and medical notes created after an interaction with a healthcare professional.

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digitised collection of a client’s EMRs over time.

The Importance of a Great EMR for Small Practices

EMR software allows small practices to operate efficiently and economically while safely, securely, and remotely managing clients’ medical and billing records.

A small practice implies an expectation of highly efficient, personalised service for your clients, and EMR software allows you to do exactly that.

With the right solution, your practice can:

  • Remain compliant with data management legislation, regulations, and guidelines in your country and those specific to your field.
  • Provide high-quality care and services predictably, consistently and transparently.
  • Provide clear operational guidelines and support to your staff and colleagues.
  • Manage the client and operational risks inherent to your healthcare or wellness practice.
  • Store your clients’ records securely so you can access them anytime and anywhere from any device.

Benefits of EMR for Clinic Staff

A 2015 study found that electronic medical records improved client care quality and positively impacted the “work lives of family physicians”.

This positive impact is also applicable to other healthcare professionals and their staff and is reflected in the following ways:

  • By storing your clients’ EMRs digitally you save on space, which reduces your practice’s operational costs.
  • You can manage your practice’s risks more efficiently because of fewer errors and unnecessary investigations.
  • You and your team can quickly access clients’ information and history and manage treatment appropriately.
  • You can schedule your clients’ appointments from secure devices anytime and anywhere.
  • You communicate and interact with your team, your clients, and other healthcare practitioners based on data available to all of you for the clients’ benefit.

Benefits of EMR for Clients

EMR software also meets the high expectations of small clinic clients by making it quick and straightforward for clients to:

How to Choose the Right Private Practice EMR Software

Whether you’re looking for the best EMR for solo practice, or need a solution to manage a multi-location practice, when comparing EMR software options, you want a system that’s easy to use, provides value for money and has solid customer support and scalable functionalities.

The right EMR software helps you:

Compare Features

Power Diary’s unique features help you achieve all of the above and more.

Coordinate Your Schedule

Power Diary is an EMR that gives you access to a multi-view intuitive calendar with automatic SMS and email reminders and a waitlist feature to manage your client or patient overflow.

Manage Your Clients

Power Diary helps you generate letters effortlessly, manage your client referrals, and keep track of your clients’ individual sessions and health insurance and billing information.

Get Paid

With Power Diary, you can quickly generate accurate invoices and receipts, easily process credit card payments, and even manage third-party payers. Power Diary allows you to customise your clients’ payments and alerts you to overdue accounts. Staying financially compliant is also a breeze with Power Diary’s financial reporting feature.

Stay Connected

Whether you use a laptop, tablet or mobile, Power Diary gives you secure, encrypted 24-hour access to your clients’ EMRs. Power Diary is both a cloud-based and iPad EMR software, so you can access the information you need online, including via iOS web browsers, an app, or an iPad. You can extend this access to unlimited administrative users in your practice, and there’s no additional software to install.

Track Your Data

Power Diary’s data analytics feature offers you more than 26 types of reports with flexible filter options and customisable sort-and-group functionalities.

Book Online

You can let your clients schedule their appointments with Power Diary’s self-booking feature. You’ll be instantly notified and the bookings will be verified via SMS or email.

Keep Your Clients Engaged

You can consolidate your customer engagement approach and send customised newsletters, announcements, or special offers to some or all of your clients.

Protect Your Data

Power Diary lets you track who accesses your sensitive data and when they do so. Power Diary’s advanced security measures and secure data facilities also keep you compliant with the Data Protection Act and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR).

Compare Price Points

You can get started with Power Diary for free with our 14-day trial. Once you’ve decided to explore in-depth how Power Diary can help you manage and grow your practice, you continue on a pay-as-you-go basis with no lock-in contracts.

Whether it’s just you or your team of 10 or more staff, there’s a pricing plan that suits your budget. You won’t be locked into an expensive, complicated contract when you choose Power Diary.

Compare Usability

Power Diary makes it easy for you to transfer sensitive client data from your current system. The Power Diary Data Import team will ensure a smooth transition in no more than 72 hours so that you can continue helping your clients.

Compare Reviews

Podiatrist Angus West describes his experience with Power Diary, “I have found this Diary invaluable in setting up my Podiatry practice, it is intuitive and simple to use. The Power Diary has given me an extra pair of hands and freed up a great deal of time which allows me to concentrate on building the business. I tried many other Diaries but the Power Diary was by far the best on the market.”

Counselling professional Heather Kell agrees, “I started my practice about 2 years ago, and was looking for a diary and programme that would help with booking appointments, paying bills, setting up invoices, etc. I was recommended Power Diary and haven’t looked back. Great programme. Excellent support. Just ask a question and there will be someone to answer it. For someone not tech-savvy like me, I have to take more time and need patience to ‘get it’. So I have appreciated their support.”

And nutritionist Celestine Lord enthused, “Absolutely love this platform to manage my nutrition business. It allows to prioritise and keep my bookings on track. Highly recommend to other practitioners to use.”

What Is the Best EMR for a Small Practice?

Power Diary is the best EMR software for small practices because it offers ease of use, excellent customer support, and seamless scalability.

Compared to other EMR software with a steep learning curve and the price tag to match, Power Diary has proven intuitive and quick to integrate into your existing systems. In addition, responsive customer support and training are what sets this EMR software apart from its competitors.

You can access customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via:

Comprehensive and ongoing training is also available in a variety of formats and platforms:

With Power Diary, you’ll also gain experience managing your practice and get to share insights with other solo practitioners from around the world.

EMR for Small Clinics of All Specialties

Power Diary is an EMR for small practice owners created by clinicians for clinicians. Solo practitioners find setting up Power Diary quick and effortless, which frees them to focus fully on the work of helping their clients. Power Diary is ideal for solo practitioners and professionals like:

Small Practice EMR from Power Diary

The list above is non-exhaustive, so no matter your type of practice or clinic, you can join the many professionals who use Power Diary to transform their growing businesses into empowered health practices.

Book a call for an informative, live, one-on-one session or a demo walk-through today, and learn how this values-driven EMR software is battle-tested and proven to leave you more time to care for your clients. Alternatively, you can take a free trial, and take the software for a test drive yourself.

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