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Power Diary Updates

Release Notes: October 2021

Our work in October included continued testing for the Medicare Essential Updates, releasing Tyro HealthPoint for all Australian customers, improved reporting, better email handling, and more.

Release Notes: July 2021

The latest Power Diary updates include session pack improvements, more work on the Australian Medicare integration, plus many smaller improvements.

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

Release Notes: April 2021

Our development team has had another busy month. Some of the larger projects include the Telehealth Waiting Room, new HTML editor, Medicare integration updates, and work on the new Tyro HealthPoint integration. Plus many smaller updates and improvements. Read on for details...

Power Diary Receives Award for Best Physical Therapy Software of 2021

We’re incredibly proud to have received an award from Digital.com for the work we’re doing in the practice management software space. Read the press release here.

Release Notes: September 2021

Our latest updates include the Medicare Essential Updates, report improvements, increased consistencies in PDFs, improvements to the Xero integration and more.

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

Release Notes: June 2021

The latest Power Diary updates include many usability enhancements as well as more work on the Medicare and Tyro integrations.

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

Meet Power Diary's Founders: Paul and Damien Adler

Australian brothers, Paul and Damien Adler, are the duo responsible for Power Diary, a practice management software used in 38 countries around the world by thousands of health practitioners.

Calendar UI Improvements

We’ve recently taken a look at the main calendar view in Power Diary and realised that we could make some improvements.

Here is the new design that will create a simpler and cleaner view for all types of clients.

Release Notes: August 2021

Our latest updates include Medicare integration, Client Portal improvement, supporting international characters, plus many more improvements!

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

Release Notes: May 2021

The latest Power Diary updates include; more flexibility for session packs, Medicare integration upgrades, Tyro integration, and many smaller improvements.

See the details here...

Release Notes: March 2021

The development team is making progress on several larger initiatives, as well as making several minor improvements.

Plus, it was also a busy month for recruiting with several new developers joining Power Diary.

Release Notes: February 2021

The start of the year is a slower time with some of the Power Diary development team taking leave, however there were still multiple improvements and additions to the system.

Here’s a summary of the recent releases.

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