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Power Diary Updates

Release Notes: March 2021

The development team is making progress on several larger initiatives, as well as making several minor improvements.

Plus, it was also a busy month for recruiting with several new developers joining Power Diary.

Release Notes: February 2021

The start of the year is a slower time with some of the Power Diary development team taking leave, however there were still multiple improvements and additions to the system.

Here’s a summary of the recent releases.

Power Diary Updates, July 2020

It’s been a while since we posted an official update of new developments on the Power Diary system, only because we’ve been too busy actually doing the updates! In the last 6 months our team brought some significant new features and many more smaller improvements.

Power Diary Updates - preview client files & invoices, new diary view toolbar, and more

Here's what the Power Diary development team has recently released...

Power Diary Receives Award for Best Physical Therapy Software of 2021

We’re incredibly proud to have received an award from Digital.com for the work we’re doing in the practice management software space. Read the press release here.

Release Notes: January 2021

The end of the year saw the Power Diary development team busy responding to client needs and making functional and usability improvements to the system.

Here’s a summary of work recently released.

Why We Keep Changing Things

Here at Power Diary, there’s nothing more important to us than our clients’ happiness. Underpinning everything we do is our vision is to make Power Diary the ultimate Practice Management Software that makes running a health practice easier, simpler and more rewarding. We believe in the power of technology to make measurable improvements in the lives of health practitioners and their patients.

13 New System Updates to Kickstart 2019

We aim to provide a practice management system that allows you to run a practice while still having a life. We’re always working on a bunch of new features and tweaks to to make Power Diary even better. Here’s a quick rundown of updates we’ve released in the past few weeks.

Calendar UI Improvements

We’ve recently taken a look at the main calendar view in Power Diary and realised that we could make some improvements.

Here is the new design that will create a simpler and cleaner view for all types of clients.

Power Diary Recognised as an Endorsed Partner by the Australian Physiotherapy Association

As an official APA Endorsed Partner, you can have added confidence in Power Diary knowing that it has been rigorously tested, evaluated, and approved by a panel of APA-appointed physiotherapists.

Power Diary's Brand Refresh

Power Diary now has a fresh new brand image that we hope you’ll like. We’ve always been a company with a strong focus on product innovation, but we realised our website and visual identity wasn’t really in line with our product or our philosophies. Here's how (and why) we approached our brand refresh.

Welcome from our Co-Founder Damien, Feature Updates, and Why Running a Practice is Like Being a Duck

Ducks appear to glide gracefully across the water, moving with little effort. Yet the view from below reveals a different picture - webbed feet working to propel, balance, and navigate. Feet that are never still, even when the duck seems to be at rest.

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