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Top EMR Features for Physical Therapists

We’ve gone ahead and done the heavy lifting for you so that you know what EMR features will add the most value to your physical therapy practice, from document handling to improving data security.

How to Write Clinical Notes Faster

Have you considered that there might be better way to tackle the task of note-taking? That you could get the process down to five minutes per client? In this article, you’ll get proven strategies to streamline your clinical note-taking significantly, and the tools you need to make it happen.

ICD-10 Codes for Mental Health [+ Cheat Sheet!]

Get your hands on the most commonly used ICD-10 mental health diagnostic codes, combine them with the magic of Power Diary, and your billing headaches will be a thing of the past.

15 Tips to Help You Retain Patients [+1 BONUS TIP]

Once you’ve onboarded a patient, it pays to put effort into retention. In fact, losing just one patient can cost thousands in the lifetime of a practice.

6 Strategies to Grow Your Private Practice (Without Taking on New Patients)

In this article, we share several options to help you determine if there's an income diversification approach that's right for you.

7 Steps to Improve Patient Communication [+2 Bonus Tips]

Effective communication with patients is key to providing quality healthcare services. It supports building trust and rapport between practitioners and their patients and can increase patient retention rates.

How to Address Patient Complaints [+ Examples!]

When dealing with complaints, preparation and communication are key. Take the time to detail your process for dealing with complaints, and have templates ready so you can respond quickly and with empathy.

Mistakes to Avoid when Taking Mental Health Notes

Mental health progress notes are an important part of any mental health professional’s workflow. This article discusses some common mistakes when taking mental health notes and offers practical guidance on how to write progress notes more effectively.

SOAP Notes vs DAP Notes

Writing clinical progress notes is vital to a practitioner’s job and to the running of a successful practice.

Two commonly used progress note formats are SOAP notes and DAP notes. This article examines how they work, their differences, and which format will work best for your practice.

How to Save Time with Power Diary Templates

You'll never look back once you start using templates! Both your patients and your practice team will thank you for making their lives much easier, and you’ll reinforce the professional image of your practice at the same time.

Create a Quick-Access Key Contacts and Practice Information Resource

You can’t be everywhere to guide employees, but your operations manual can be. It walks staff through the basics of your practice and the how-to of daily operations.

How to Develop a Data and Premises Security Policy for Your Health Practice

Creating your own security policy can be a head-scratcher. As a busy healthcare practitioner, you might feel overwhelmed and even delay getting started. The good news is that we’ll help you do it.

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