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Practice Management Tips

How to Write SOAP Notes for Occupational Therapy

In occupational therapy, SOAP notes serve as a communication tool for recording the details of each session, contributing to continuity and consistency in patient care.

Managing Contract Practitioners in Allied Health

Contract practitioners can bring a unique blend of expertise and flexibility, aiding practice owners in the pursuit of adaptability and growth.

The Best MedSpa Software: Power Diary

With the right MedSpa software, medical spas can streamline their administrative processes and improve efficiency across the board.

6 Mistakes Busy Health Practitioners Make

From the oversight of practitioner registrations to the nuances of social media management, running an allied health practice comes with unique challenges.

How to Write a Great Referral Thank You Letter

A thank you letter in response to a referral can be a powerful tool for collaborative care. It not only ensures the referrer is up to date with their client’s status, but it also builds a trusting relationship, which usually leads to more referrals.

Group Therapy: Guide to Getting Started

We cover the basics of getting started with group therapy in your practice, including setting up a session, the role of the therapist, challenges you may encounter and how to evaluate your group’s progress.

Patient Lifecycle Management in Allied Health

From initial awareness and inquiry to final feedback and referral, each phase plays a vital role in shaping the patient's experience and outcomes - find out how in our practical guide!

Enhance Practice Efficiency with Healthcare Automation

From improving client safety and lowering costs, to enhancing practice efficiency and reducing administrative burdens, automation provides a reliable solution for overwhelmed healthcare practitioners.

How to Write SOAP Notes

From understanding the subjective experiences of clients to documenting objective data, assessing conditions, and planning for care, we've covered the ins and outs of SOAP notes in client care.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Reception Service

Virtual assistant services allow healthcare professionals to free up precious time that can be used to provide quality care to patients – an appealing option for busy clinicians!

Four Steps to Improve Patient Treatment Plan Adherence

In this article, we explore four simple proactive steps to improve patient adherence to treatment plans and show how this approach can transform patient care and practice efficiency.

Get Your Health Practice Ready for the New Year

Preparing your health practice for the new year can be a streamlined and efficient process with the right tools. And it’s well worth it to experience the benefits in early January!

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