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Productivity & Mindset

How to Get the Best from Your Healthcare Staff

Paying higher salaries won't always result in higher productivity, especially if you don't take a holistic approach to looking after your staff. Here are six things you can work on to get the best from your healthcare staff.

Preparing to Return to Work During COVID-19

Returning to work during COVID-19 requires preparation and planning.

Here's some helpful advice for healthcare professionals returning to their workplace.

Time Management Tips for Healthcare Practitioners

Never enough hours in the day? Good time management offers exciting benefits for health practitioners. You’ll free up more time to focus on your clients and your practice will become a calmer, more rewarding place to work. Implement these 6 tips at no cost to your practice.

4 Ways to Make Your Practice More Productive (and Less Stressful!)

To boost medical practice productivity without running your staff into the ground, you need to start working smarter, not harder. Technology can do a lot in this area, as can learning to outsource and delegate. Learn more here.

7 Challenges Facing Physical Therapists in 2021

Keeping a physical therapy practice afloat has taken on new meaning in the wake of COVID-19. If you’re a physical therapist and feeling stressed or concerned about the health of your practice, you’re not alone. Here is how to face this year's challenges.

5 Steps to Building an Empowered Health Practice in 2021

These five steps can help you make 2021 the best yet, but you have to put in the hard work. Don’t let this year be another one of stress and struggle as you race around putting out fires, always working in the business instead of on it.

How to Create an Open and Transparent Work Environment in Your Practice (& Why it’s so Important!)

Transparency in a healthcare practice is about prioritising open communication between all staff members. If you can get this right, you will reap the twin rewards of increased productivity and trust.

How To Improve Your Speech Therapy SOAP Notes

SOAP notes are invaluable for informing caregivers and other therapists about your client and their journey. While everyone has their own approach, reviewing our top nine tips could offer some insights to help to refine your note-taking.

9 Ways to Brighten Up Your Waiting Room

Is your waiting room looking a little tired, but you’re not sure where to start? Give your practice a tune-up with our nine pointers that will inspire you to brighten up your waiting room, without the need for expensive purchases.

10 Simple Ways to Make Work-Life Balance a Reality (Starting Right Now)

As a health practitioner, work-life balance may seem like a mythical holy grail, but implement these simple strategies to make it a reality, starting today! And remember that you’re aiming for balance, not perfection.

How to Address (and Prevent) Employee Burnout in Your Mental Health Practice

Burnout rates among mental health professionals are at an all-time high. If you can prevent it from happening, you can protect the wellbeing of your employee and the productivity of your practice. Here is how to recognise burnout!

5 Tips For Writing Better SOAP Notes in Mental Health

After years of working with mental health practices, we've picked up the most effective tips for taking SOAP notes. These tips are going to make note-taking easier and quicker. They offer some clarity on what should be included, so you don't end up down a rabbit hole of indecision.

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