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How Much Does EMR Software Cost? Find Out With Power Diary

What Affects the Cost of Practice Management Software

If you’re looking at the cost of practice management software, ensure that you’re not comparing apples and oranges. Many software options only include access to all features at higher pricing tiers.

Power Diary’s EMR software price includes access to over 100 features, with pricing determined by the number of practitioners using the platform. Every practitioner can access the Power Diary system for an affordable monthly fee.

Affordable EMR Software

Your choice of EMR software should factor in the costs vs the features you can expect to use regularly.

Affordability makes a difference; you don’t need a Ferrari if a VW gets you where you need to go. But that doesn’t mean you should go with the cheapest solution, as EMR software may have features that could streamline the way your practice operates, saving you a lot more than a couple of dollars every month.

For example, you might be looking for a way to manage your clients’ health records electronically. But if the solution you’re looking at could manage your client appointment booking and send automated reminders as well as manage their health information, that would add significant time and cost savings.

Get a Free Trial

Not sure if you’re ready to commit?

Power Diary offers a 14-day free trial for new users, so you can get a feel for the interface and features before signing up.

The Power Diary support team is on hand to help you with live demos, chat or a 1-1 support call. There’s no credit card required, and you can cancel anytime. Once you convert to a paid account, the data import team will move your data to Power Diary for free.

Get Six Months at 50% Off

Power Diary currently offers new clients who convert a trial account 50% off for their first six months. This six-month discount, paired with the 14-day free trial, gives you a deep dive into the features of affordable practice management software without any risk.

The Cost of EMR Software by Power Diary

There are different tiers of pricing based on how many practitioners will require access to the software, and the cost of EMR software changes as the number of practitioners increases.

With a free trial, you can dip your toe before you dive right in.

Just Me

Ideal for solo practitioners, JUST ME is for 1 practitioner.


LIGHT is the right choice for a small practice with 2 to 3 practitioners.


If your practice is expanding quickly, or if you have between four and nine practitioners in your practice, you’d opt for GROWTH.


MEDIUM is the best fit for a practice between 10 and 20 practitioners.


At over 20 practitioners, the price per practitioner comes down to the lowest cost per user, and practitioners can be based at different locations.

➡️ See pricing for all plans here.

Need More?

If you have a practice with more than 100 practitioners, please get in touch. Power Diary has enterprise, government, university and charity plans available.

To get an idea of how Power Diary stacks up against the costs of other EMR software, detailed comparisons are available here.

And, for practice owners who want to use SMS notifications:

While EMR software is a fixed fee, you need to factor in the costs of sending SMS messages which vary from one system to another. Power Diary’s price for SMS is available on the pricing page.

Discover the Electronic Medical Records Software Cost for All Industries

Power Diary’s software is based on a tiered pricing model, with pricing determined by the number of practitioners using the system regardless of their industry. The EMR software was designed to meet the needs of healthcare practices across various disciplines, offering benefits for:

Health & Wellness Practices

  • Personal trainers: Create multi-session packs, group appointments and more.
  • Nutritionists: Keep client records up to date and benefit from integrated marketing functionality.
  • Dietitians: Keep detailed notes about client progress and stay on top of invoicing simultaneously.
  • Massage therapists: Allow your clients to book online, jot down treatment notes and offer follow-ups with a few clicks.
  • Acupuncturists: Stay organised and manage clients seamlessly, storing clinical or personal data.

Healing & Recovery Practices

Specialty Healthcare Practices

  • Podiatrists: Update clients’ medical information and personal data simultaneously.
  • Speech therapists: Link family contacts and information with involved parties.
  • Osteopaths: Update personalised client note templates and send automated follow-ups.
  • Homoeopaths: Provide services and sell products from one place.
  • Naturopaths: Write detailed notes after a session, then store them with the rest of the client’s information and medical history.

Mental Health Practices

  • Psychologists: Power Diary offers leading data security, client confidentiality and custom note-taking templates.
  • Therapists: Use reminders, notes, online bookings, invoicing and more to streamline your practice.
  • Counsellors: Take the stress out of administration with a streamlined practice management solution.
  • Social Workers: Update your records on the go and manage a multi-location diary if needed.
  • Mental Health Professionals: High levels of data security, session notes and a library of ready-to-go templates makes Power Diary an ideal solution.

Get Access to Industry-Leading, Affordable Practice Management Software

Power Diary’s strong track record and leading customer support speak for themselves. But, if you’re looking for affordable EMR software, their competitive price point further sets them apart from competitors, especially considering the incredible feature-set included in the software.

Every practitioner, whether a chiropractor working as a solo practitioner or a psychologist working at an extensive multi-location practice, receives access to over 100 features and personalised support for one affordable monthly fee.

In addition, Power Diary offers a free trial and regular monthly sign-up specials to help make that decision a little easier.

So, when trying to find the answer to “How much does EMR software cost?” consider the value proposition of the right EMR software for your practice and how much it will cost you in the long run if you don’t get started with it right now.

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