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Ideal Client Profile Blueprint

When running a health practice, it’s pretty clear that all clients are not created equally! Yes, you can have great customer service and the intention to treat all clients like royalty, but the reality is that some clients are just a lot harder to please than others.

So what’s going on here? You service all clients with the same “can do” attitude that aims to over-deliver, but some love you and others – well, not so much.

Don’t worry – it’s quite possible that it’s them, not you! 

Your Ideal Client Profile

Finding your people is a key part of running a successful practice – in fact, it’s a key part of any successful business. Your ideal clients are those that love what you do and somehow just “click” with you and your practice.

When you work with the right types of clients, everything gets easier…

But there’s more to it than that. For your clients, this means:

  • They feel heard and understood and there’s a deep connection of understanding between the client and provider (this alone is worth its weight in gold)
  • Your clients get the results they’re expecting and paying for
  • They have a positive association with your clinic, which reflects in their interactions with your whole team (which of course, makes it easier to give them great service)
  • Your clients feel like they’re in the right place and in a place they belong

Just as importantly, when you work with your ideal client, it changes the outcomes for you and your business. In particular:

  • You get to provide the best quality of care – which makes you and your team feel great about your work
  • Knowing you are appreciated and making a difference to these clients encourages you and your team to extend yourselves to provide even better service
  • You get repeat business – these ideal clients will come back more often and continue visiting for longer
  • You’ll generate great reviews, testimonials, and word-of-mouth referrals – which all lead to more ideal clients finding your clinic

5 Key Traits to Look for in Your Ideal Client

Ok, so it’s great to want to serve your ideal clients, but how do you go about finding them?

The first step is to identify the profile of your ideal client. For a health practice, this usually comes down to questions like:

  • Do they have a genuine need for what you offer?
  • Can they comfortably afford your services? (You don’t want to be chasing people for payment or putting them under financial pressure.)
  • Do they have the motivation to follow through with treatment?
  • Are they easily accessible? (ie. Does this demographic live near your practice?)
  • Do you enjoy working with them?

Of course, you might add some more specific qualifiers to this list as well. The key thing is to develop a profile of your ideal client so that you can easily recognise them. 

Saying “No” to the Wrong People

Just as it’s valuable to hone in on your ideal client, it’s equally important to know when to politely turn the wrong people away.

Yes, it’s true – you can’t help everyone. And this is not a reflection of your skillset! If you find it difficult to turn clients away, keep in mind:

  • When you serve the right type of clients, they’ll be happier – which means you’ll get better reviews and referrals
  • For every wrong client you turn away, you’re leaving the door open for the right client to turn up
  • One “bad apple” can easily take up way too much of your time, energy and resources, so it’s always better to nip problematic clients in the bud
  • Your team will be much happier without difficult clients to deal with – which means they’ll have more energy for providing better service

So how do you actually learn to say no and turn the wrong clients away? Simply say that you aren’t accepting new clients, or refer them to an alternative clinic that will better suit their needs, or make it difficult to get an appointment!

How much energy does focusing on the wrong types of clients take out of you and your team? In most cases, these types of clients are disproportionally draining!

On the other hand, when you curate your clientele to only include those you know you serve best, your service levels sky-rocket, your work satisfaction goes through the roof, and your business naturally starts attracting more of these ideal clients. It’s a win-win-win!

Imagine what your practice would look like if you focused on the right people! 

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