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ISO 27001 Certified Practice Management Software: What Does it Mean for Your Health Practice?

As a health practitioner, you know that maintaining patient confidentiality is non-negotiable. From appointment scheduling to client history and session notes, much of the success of a healthcare practice relies upon accurate data entry and its secure storage – which can be streamlined with the right practice management software.

Most practice management software is marketed with the assurance of effective data security, but how can you be confident that your chosen practice management software is as secure as it claims to be?

In short, your software provider should carry an external certification by an independent compliance reviewer – and the gold standard in this regard is the ISO 27001 certification for information security management. Power Diary is ISO 27001 certified, and is just one of a few practice management software systems to achieve this recognition.

What’s so special about this certification?

For a summary of the importance of the ISO 27001 certification and the implications for health practice management, keep reading!

What is the ISO 27001 Certification?

If your practice management software is ISO 27001 certified, it adheres to stringent international standards for establishing, organising, implementing, monitoring, and maintaining information security management systems.

  • To obtain ISO 27001 certification, the software is subject to a rigorous certification procedure and two levels of intensive auditing.
  • The ISO 27001 data security standard hinges on three main principles: confidentiality (involving multi-factor authentication, security tokens, and data encryption), integrity (involving the use of processes that ensure error-free data and barriers to manipulation), and availability (involving constant maintenance, monitoring, and updating of information security management systems).

Power Diary doesn’t just comply with these principles, it actively uses them as a framework for ensuring the highest level of data protection.

The 7 broad security areas addressed by the ISO 27001 certification include:

  • Company security policy
  • Asset management
  • Physical and environmental security
  • Access control
  • Incident management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk management

It’s worth noting that to maintain ISO certification, businesses (in this case, your software provider) must agree to undergo the ISO’s auditing processes annually.

So, if your practice management software is certified as ISO 27001 compliant, this gives you a high degree of confidence that your software provider has kept up with the latest standards and best practice guidelines for information security management.

Considering the potential ramifications of a data breach in your practice management systems – there’s a case to be made that investing in ISO 27001-certified practice management software is a necessity.

Importance of the ISO 27001 Certification for Health Practices

In an industry where sensitive patient information is routinely handled, the importance of using software that’s ISO 27001 certified, like Power Diary, can’t be overstated. Certified software is subject to stringent security standards and annual external audits. Power Diary’s ISO 27001 certification not only supports the legal compliance and reputation of your health practice but also affirms our commitment to providing a secure environment for managing sensitive healthcare information.

The implementation of ISO 27001-certified practice management software can also serve as a significant milestone for healthcare practices in meeting ever-evolving regulatory obligations.

But it goes beyond risk management.

ISO 27001-certified practice management software not only gives you as the healthcare provider confidence in the regulatory compliance of your systems but offers the competitive advantage of assuring your valued clients of your commitment to best practices in information security, extending beyond mere compliance.

How Do I Verify ISO 27001 Certification?

So, now that you know your practice management software should be ISO 27001 certified, you’ll want to know how to verify it.

Through a few simple steps, you can easily verify your practice management software’s ISO certification:

  1. Request a copy of the software provider’s verification certificate.
  2. Confirm that the certificate was issued by an accredited certification body (various service providers or consultants are approved by the ISO to issue certifications).

Check the legitimacy of their certifications as any software solution fraudulently claiming to be ISO 27001 certified without having met the stringent requirements of those regulatory standards poses a serious risk to your practice and, by extension, your clients.

Verifying the authenticity of the ISO certification of your chosen software demonstrates due diligence on your part and will give you added peace of mind.

Power Diary is transparent about our ISO certification, and we’re happy to provide any necessary documentation to interested parties. There’s also a link to view our ISO 27001 certificate on our security page. Look towards the bottom in the Downloads section!

ISO 27001 Certification – A Non-Negotiable Standard in Health Practice Management Software

Navigating the landscape of practice management software demands vigilance towards the security claims of software solutions.

The ISO 27001 certification emerges as the standard for information security, offering a level of confidence in data protection that goes beyond mere assertions. Its importance for health practices is undeniable, not just for the peace of mind, it provides for practitioners and their patients, but also for its role in fulfilling complex regulatory requirements.

When it comes to storing patients’ most sensitive data, why would you choose anything but software that has been certified?

As a healthcare provider, your commitment to data security reflects your commitment to your patients’ well-being. By choosing Power Diary’s ISO 27001-certified practice management software, you help ensure that your practice is armed against evolving cyber threats – reinforcing trust, compliance, and resilience in your healthcare journey. Start your Free Trial of Power Diary today – no credit card required!

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