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How to Write a Great Referral Introduction Letter

Looking to write an exceptional referral introduction letter? Look no further! With our downloadable introduction letter template, you'll have a perfect starting point to craft your personalised letter that caters to your unique requirements. Customise, send out, and watch as new patient referrals start pouring in. Get ready to sit back, relax, and smile!

Release Notes: September 2023

The latest Power Diary updates include book resources for appointments, finding available times for resources, plus more...

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

6 Metrics to Track in Your Allied Health Clinic

Monitoring the pulse of your clinic requires more than casual observation; it calls for a structured approach through tracking essential metrics.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: When to Hire Admin Staff in Allied Health

Knowing when to hire in allied health isn't just about acknowledging the need; it's about streamlining operations, leveraging technology, and using data-driven insights to ensure that the decision benefits both your practice and your clients.

Release Notes: August 2023

The latest Power Diary updates include the full release of Telehealth Plus+, Setup resources, Bulk update client details and more!

Find out what's new, improved and fixed here...

How Can a Virtual Assistant Help Your Healthcare Practice?

The article will cover when to work with a Virtual Assistant, what to look for in a VA service, best practices for working with a Virtual Assistant, and tasks they can take off your plate.

Billing Cheat Sheet for Speech Therapy in 2023

Accurate and efficient billing keeps the administrative side of your speech therapy practice humming along and ensures compliance with national regulations and guidelines.

How to Help Clients Make Healthcare a Priority When Money Is Tight

When you initiate payment strategies at the outset of treatment, you set a precedent for transparency, avoid last-minute payment issues, and underscore that client care is the foremost concern - especially in challenging financial times.

10 Types of Positive SMS Messages You Can Send to Clients Today + 40 Free Templates (Updated for 2023)

SMS messages are both a marketing and client relationship building tool for a practice. Here are 10 types of positive SMS messages you can send today + templates.

Professional Disclosure Statements for Therapists

This article details what professional disclosure statements for therapists typically include, how to write one and tips for sharing with clients.

Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2023

Managing a podiatry practice isn’t an easy undertaking. From the day-to-day challenges of keeping your practice running to thinking of new marketing strategies to integrate into your current operations. One of the areas that you can’t afford to overlook is billing. Accurate billing is essential and ensuring that you fulfill your country’s requirements.

7 Risks of Using Free Practice Management Software

As a practice owner, you might be tempted to opt for free practice management software to cut costs. But hold on—knowing what's at stake is crucial before you make that decision.

Healthcare Social Media Strategy: Posting Tips & Schedule Template

We’ll guide you step-by-step to create a streamlined, effective posting schedule for a healthcare social media strategy that will enhance your social media presence.

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