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7 Reasons Private Practice Owners Rock

Health practice owners are awesome; there’s no doubt about that. When the going gets tough, they’re the ones who roll up their sleeves and get the job done. They’re risk-takers, innovators, creators, partners, caregivers, and more.
Private practice owners are deeply rooted in the community, helping their clients, and providing meaningful employment and growing local businesses.

Here are 7 great reasons to high-five a health practice owner today:

1) Private Practice Owners Create Something from Nothing

Your private practice is your baby, you’ve taken it from being an idea and nurtured it to the place where you have your own fully-fledged private practice with a dedicated place to see clients, a growing client base, and possibly even a few employees.

Starting a new practice, then running it successfully, is no picnic. There’s always paperwork that needs completing, marketing efforts that need attention, and unforeseen obstacles that seem to pop up on a daily basis. This journey is something to be proud of because, when you think about it, you’ve created something from nothing more than an idea.

2) Private Practice Owners are Go-Getters Who Take Chances

This is related to the first point, but it’s more than just taking the leap and getting started. It’s the everyday decisions that make private practice owners the change-makers that they are. To build a thriving business, they have to take the initiative to go out, make a business, expand their boundaries, test new ideas and think laterally.

A quick Google for resources on starting and building a private practice will return hundreds of great resources – just a small indication that private practice owners are always looking for ways to improve. They’re constantly looking for ways of doing things better, implementing changes like getting a better practice management software and are willing to take chances that can help their practice grow and thrive.

3) Private Practice Owners Make a Lasting Difference in Their Clients’ Lives

Health care professionals that go into private practice, whether they’re extroverts or introverts, all share a love for people and genuinely want to make a difference. Owning a private practice gives you the space to shine, whether you’re communicating with and empowering your staff members, or working with your clients in a way that makes them feel valued and respected.

Having a private practice means that you get to do things your way. This can mean providing specialized care for your clients or offering follow-ups and check-ins so that you stay up-to-date with their health journey. This gives you confidence knowing that you’re making a lasting difference in the lives of your clients.

4) Private Practice Owners are Unwaveringly Passionate

Passion is at the core of a private practice owner. For your private practice to be successful, you need to love what you do, as well as having a passion for the process of nurturing and growing a business. It’s this passion that keeps you going when there are unavoidable difficulties such as an economic downturn, personal challenges or business-related issues.

Running your own private practice isn’t always easy or smooth sailing, but if you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll be able to keep seeing obstacles as opportunities for learning and growth.

5) Private Practice Owners Wear Many Hats

As the owner of private practice, there’s always something that needs doing. So while it might not be written on your business card, you could probably include customer service, marketing manager, technology director and accountant as just some of your roles.

If you only have a small team, you’re probably taking responsibility for a number of different roles to keep your practice up and running. This takes skills, a willingness to learn and real determination which, in our books, makes you awesome.

6) Private Practice Owners are Resilient and Up for a Challenge

If you’re running a private practice, there’s no doubt about it; you’re resilient. The stats about small businesses surviving in the first few years aren’t encouraging. So if you’ve been putting in the hard yards and you’re still in business, you’re awesome!

7) Private Practice Owners Provide Jobs, but Not Just Any Jobs

This is an important one. Small and medium-sized businesses make up over 99% of all private-sector businesses in the UK and around 98% in Australia, accounting for over 60% of all employment in the private sector. So, in a very real way, you are the backbone of the economy. Even if you look at this on a more practical level, whether you employ one person or an entire team, you are providing employment and a chance of a better life to the people that work for you.

These jobs are also much more likely to provide higher levels of job satisfaction because it’s easier to take pride in your work and feel valued for your contributions when you have a direct relationship with the business owner and can influence the business direction. And, even more so in private practice, the work you are doing has a positive impact on the health and wellness of the clients that you serve.

So, if you own and run a private practice, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back! It’s not necessarily easy, but we think you’re doing a great job. What’s more, you’re having a big impact on the community around you – which is really what it’s all about. Take a moment to feel awesome and proud today!

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