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Recruiting for your Allied Health Business

Guest post by Cathy Love from Nacre Consulting

A common question I’m asked is: how can I attract clinicians to my practice in this competitive market?

Through my own experience and that of other successful allied health owners, I’m sharing a little of the ‘secret sauce’ of recruitment best practice.

So, here are 7 top recruiting tips for your allied health business…

Be articulate in your business values

How clear are you about the mission of your business? People often don’t engage so much with what you do, but more why you do it.
This is a huge part of what’s missing in recruitment for many allied health owners – their messaging is missing the mark as they’re not selling the core goals and values of their business.

Don’t treat recruitment as a one-off event

The most effective recruiters have their ‘recruitment antenna’ on and buzzing 24/7. So, they’re always networking and always on the lookout for their next team members.

Fostering an always recruiting mindset means you’re on the front foot when you find the perfect fit for your practice.

Make your website work for you

A great addition to your website is a ‘Join The Team’ page. Now, remember, we’re aiming for a 24/7 recruiting mindset here, so what you don’t want is a generic ‘check back later’ message if you have no vacancies at that particular time.

Instead, this page should showcase your business mission and values and give candidates an opportunity to get in touch, so you can start a conversation early in their job search.

Put your best foot forward on social media

How does your business show up online?

Now’s the time to banish that dated old profile photo on LinkedIn and add some professional sparkle to your social media profiles so that they’re enticing to potential employees.

Be crystal clear on role details

Candidates love to feel a sense of certainty about a job opportunity – after all, there’s nothing more off-putting than an employer who doesn’t seem sure about the role they’re recruiting for.

Banish any doubt by ensuring you can answer any and all questions on the scope and details of the role.

Put growth opportunities front and centre

A common complaint from clinicians is a lack of development opportunities in their current role. So, if you can make it clear what’s in it for candidates your business will definitely stand out.

Don’t be afraid to shout about it in the recruitment process – let potential candidates know what investment you’ll make in them and their career.

Make onboarding a priority in your health business

A number of clinicians have been battle-scarred from a lack of guidance when they start a new role.

For that reason, offering a structured onboarding program for 10+ weeks is a fabulous differentiator for you as an employer and gives candidates a sense of confidence in taking a leap to work for your practice.

There’s definitely a common thread in my tips for effective recruitment and that’s to nail down your policies and procedures before you even start the recruitment process. That way, you can offer a seamless recruiting experience and become known as an employer of choice in the allied health world.

 Guest contributor Cathy Love is the founding director of Nacre Consulting where she coaches allied health business owners to run great practices. She’s also an Occupational Therapist, Speaker, Author, and Podcaster.

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