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Release Notes: January 2021

The end of the year saw the Power Diary development team busy responding to client needs and making functional and usability improvements to the system. Here’s a summary of work recently released:

Functionality Improvements

  • Added: Pin notes and forms to the top of the Notes page
  • Added: Print only Clinical Type notes
  • Added: Typeahead search for merge fields
  • Added: Use locale to decide if weeks start on a Sunday or Monday
  • Added: Copy to clipboard upon hovering over a merge field
  • Added: Every “4 weeks” recurring option to Roster
  • Added: Last Appointment Date to the Classifications Report
  • Added: Quantity and Service Code column option to the Sales report
  • Added: 45-minute time block support on the schedule
  • Added: Ability to add Xero Contact ID for Third-Party profiles
  • Added: Client Number to form notification emails
  • Added: Group Appointments comments to the printout
  • Added: A {RecipientMobilePhone} merge field for use in communication templates
  • Improved: Show the recent clients list automatically when creating a new appointment
  • Improved: Hide unattended appointments including No-Show
  • Improved: Set availability for Mon – Fri only when creating new Roster
  • Improved: Duplicate email detection to check attachments as well

User Interface Enhancements

  • Added: Remove formatting button to Redactor to remove unintentional formatting
  • Added: Loading indicator while fetching custom forms
  • Added: Visual indicator of progress when a form is being submitted
  • Added: Log file entry for when credit card details are removed
  • Added: Column reordering for several reports
  • Improved: App Header layout and dropdown structure
  • Improved: Previous button for navigating in Client Portal
  • Improved: Link preview for client portal URLs
  • Improved: Emailing dialog title to better reflect the action to be taken
  • Improved: Deactivated default grouping for the Client Sources report
  • Improved: Invoices and Payments report uses up the full screen
  • Improved: Inactive calendars are hidden in Xero export Calendar dropdown
  • Improved: Merge Field popup layout
  • Improved: Log file entry for session pack creation via appointment panel
  • Improved: Template layouts

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