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Top 10 Power Diary Blog Articles of 2021

A round-up of Power Diary’s most-read articles

The #1 blog in 2021 by a landslide was “How to Write a Great Referral Feedback Letter”, written by our own Damien Adler, co-founder of Power Diary and private practice owner. In a time where building relationships with referrers is of particular significance, his insights and clear examples made this article one that was widely read among practice owners.

The other articles that make up the Top 10 all share similar characteristics – they offer practical solutions to administrative tasks that take both mental energy and hours of staff time every week. In most cases, there are actionable steps that practice owners can take to harness the features of Power Diary to streamline processes, reduce financial and time costs, and improve the client experience (it’s a win all around!)

Let’s jump right into the Top 10:

1. How to Write a Great Referral Feedback Letter

This article was a clear winner in 2021 because it combines experience-based insights and practical suggestions to help keep your referrers happy.

In the post, we cover why referral feedback letters are so important when to send them, and how to use Power Diary’s letter templates to save time (and there’s also a great letter example that you can adapt for your own practice.)

Read the full How to Write a Great Referral Feedback Letter article.

2. How to Start Your Own Physical Therapy Clinic: A Step-By-Step Guide

Our physical therapy guide was a popular reference article last year, and for good reason. With COVID and lockdowns, it has been a time of taking stock and, in some cases, making transitions to increase flexibility and quality of life with many physical therapists stepping out on their own.

This step-by-step guide covers the most important aspects of starting your own practice, including defining your niche, how to finance your practice, finding premises and staff for your practice, and how to go about marketing your fledgling business.

Read the full How to Start Your Own Physical Therapy Clinic: A Step by Step Guide article.

3. Essential Patient Booking Email & SMS Templates

This article breaks down the importance of booking confirmations for a practice. Not only does every no-show directly impact your practice’s bottom line, but streamlined booking confirmations using email and SMS can add efficiencies that save hours every week.

The templates we share in the article have helped thousands of our customers, and they can be configured in Power Diary to send automatically.

Read the full Essential Patient Booking Confirmation Email Templates article.

4. 7 Challenges Facing Physical Therapists in 2021

This empowering article helps physical therapists identify the most pressing challenges facing their practices, and presents a number of possible solutions to help overcome them. From COVID closures and telehealth adoption to healthcare legislation and the importance of offering exemplary client care, you’ll get insights to help you carefully and strategically move forward into 2022.

Read the full 7 Challenges Facing Physical Therapists in 2021 article here.

5. Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2021

Managing a podiatry practice isn’t easy, no matter where you are in the world. Podiatry billing, in particular, can get confusing, especially as podiatry billing codes vary widely from country to country (and even within the country). This article aims to take some of the stress out of billing clients with billing cheat sheets and an overview of podiatry billing in the UK, US and Australia.

Read the full Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2021 article.

6. What Does Medicare Cover for Home Health Care in the US

Find out what home health services are available, who is eligible and get answers to the most common questions about Medicare in the US, including:

  • What home health services are provided by aides?
  • When is physical, occupational, or speech therapy covered by Medicare?
  • What are medical social services?
  • How has COVID-19 affected home health services?

Read the full What Does Medicare Cover for Home Health Care in the US article.

7. What Not to Do When Taking Mental Health Progress Notes

This article identifies seven common mistakes mental health professionals make when taking mental health progress notes. With practical examples from practice owner and Power Diary co-founder Damien Adler, we explore the pitfalls of keeping handwritten notes, using vague descriptions and flowery language, taking shortcuts and more.

Read the full What Not to Do When Taking Mental Health Progress Notes article.

8. How To Improve Your Speech Therapy SOAP Notes

If you’re ready to take your SOAP notes to the next level, this article is for you. While the examples are taken from speech therapy scenarios, the tips are applicable to any healthcare discipline.

Pointers include how to use a template when to write your SOAP notes, what information to cover and how to learn from best practices. Importantly, each point includes a practical section that will help you take action and start improving your notes immediately.

Read the full How To Improve Your Speech Therapy SOAP Notes article.

9. How Long Does a Medicare Claim Take to Process in the US

Processing Medicare claims in the US can be a frustrating experience for healthcare professionals because, although clean claims are processed within 14 calendar days (when submitted electronically) and 30 days for paper claims, the reality is that any mistake can set you back weeks if not months.

Read the full How Long Does a Medicare Claim Take to Process in the US article.

10. Should You Charge for No-Shows? (With Example Policies!)

If time is money, reducing no-shows should be one of the top priorities for any health practitioner. Unfortunately, no-shows are an inconvenient reality for many practices, so the focus needs to shift to what you can do to reduce them and find a no-show policy that works for your practice.

This article covers the pros and cons of a no-show policy, what you can do to improve client attendance (and prevent no-shows from happening in the first place), three different types of no-show policies, and how to implement your chosen no-show policy.

Read the full Should You Charge for No-Shows? article.

We love being able to support and encourage our Power Diary community so, if you have any suggestions for future articles, please let us know!

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