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Power Diary Updates, July 2020

It’s been a while since we posted an official update of new developments on the Power Diary system, but that’s because we’ve been too busy actually doing the updates! Believe me, work never stops here and our development team is constantly toiling away to improve Power Diary.

The last 6 months have been no exception and our team has pulled together to bring some significant new features and many more smaller improvements.

We’re continuing to invest in more enhancements and improvements to allow the system to scale well as more and more clinics (with more diverse needs) use the system. In fact, our development team has grown substantially – and we are still recruiting! This gives us a greater capacity to continue on our quest to provide health practitioners with the ultimate Practice Management Software that makes running a health practice easier, simpler, and more rewarding.

Some of the major updates we released in the last 6 months include:

Telehealth Video Sessions

When lockdown came into play across the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our team sprung into action and launched the first version of Telehealth within a week. It has since been refined many times to improve usability (across different devices and environments), and screen sharing added. We decided to develop our own Telehealth system, rather than integrate with an existing system, primarily for the enhanced security that this allows. With most of our clients operating in health care industries, security is extremely important and we always try to minimise the involvement of any third parties. Our Telehealth sessions are peer-to-peer and encrypted, which means they are a direct connection between you and your client. Doing it this way also means that there are no additional costs and for our existing customers, we’ve vowed to keep Telehealth Free Forever.

See details about our Telehealth Video Calls here.

Online Forms

With social distancing in place, practices also told us they needed a way for their clients to complete and submit forms from a distance. We implemented this in a simple way at first and later iterated so that practices can include fields which will automatically update the client record when a form is submitted. We worked hard to make the experience incredibly simple for the end-user – all they need to do is click on a unique link sent to them by email or SMS. Their own version of the form will then open and is ready for completing – on a computer, tablet, or mobile. Online Forms are commonly used for client intake forms and Telehealth consent forms, but we’ve also created several other form templates that practices can start using straight away, or customise to suit their purposes.

See details about our Online Forms here.

Tyro Integration

Using a Tyro terminal for your payments? You’ll be pleased to hear that you can now connect your Power Diary account to seamlessly manage everything from one place. This integration allows you to process payments and Medicare claims via Tyro, all from within the Power Diary system – so you can keep track of all types of payments.

See details about our Tyro integration here.

More Enhancements

There were also hundreds of minor updates and enhancements released, some of which included:

  • More flexibility in assigning customer discounts;
  • Ability to set appointment start times every 40 minutes;
  • Improved emailing functionality when sending attachments;
  • Improvements to client flags;
  • Additional client portal customisations (including the ability to show or hide the company name, which is useful if your business name is already in your logo);
  • Improvements to the waitlist functionality – particularly for clinics with large waitlist;
  • Added highlighting to make it easier to find new appointments in the calendar;
  • Added the ability for clients to pay invoices via the client portal;
  • Improved change logging for increased security;
  • Improved the performance of the Clients > Appointment report.

Improved Data Import Capabilities

Our data import team has also been busy. As we’re getting more and more clients switching from different systems to Power Diary, we’re developing rigorous processes to automate the data import process from each different system and ensure that all data is imported seamlessly.

Phew, that’s a busy few months and really, that’s just the highlights! We’d like to thank all of our clients who take the time to contact us with thoughtful ideas on how to improve Power Diary. Every one of these is recorded and considered, with the ones that show the most demand and will have the biggest impact being prioritised for development.

Of course, these decisions are always taken with the long-term vision of Power Diary in mind. In fact, one of our values is to: “Grow on solid business foundations, taking a long-term view”. There are many more improvements being made that are not visible to our clients, but are put in place to improve the long-term viability of Power Diary, and will ensure that it’s an even more valuable tool in years to come.

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