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Welcome from our Co-Founder Damien, Feature Updates, and Why Running a Practice is Like Being a Duck

Ducks, as they’re well-acclaimed for, appear to glide gracefully across the water, moving with seemingly little effort. Yet the view from below reveals a different picture – webbed feet constantly working to propel, balance, and navigate. Feet that are almost never still, even when the duck seems to be at rest.

Does running your practice often feel like that?

Your clients, and maybe even your team see above the water – everything seems calm, ordered and effortless. And that’s how it should be. But behind the scenes, you know only too well how much activity is going on to keep everything in sync.

There are schedules to manage, appointments to be booked, new patients to see, letters and notes to write, invoices to create, payments to process, debts to chase, bills to pay … and that’s on top of actually providing services to your clients.

That’s why we’re all about making it easier to manage and grow your practice. Our practice management software helps you keep the “below the water” stuff simple.

This blog is a space to share ideas, information, and news about:

  • Running and growing a practice (while still having a life);
  • Getting the most out of your Power Diary account;
  • Sharing practice management tips, tricks, and hacks to save time;
  • Announcing new Power Diary features being released.

And anything else that you’d find helpful – if it’s not something we know about we’ll do our best to find someone to share their expertise. We also want to give you a behind the scenes look at Power Diary. We’ll share how we make decisions, how new features are selected and rolled out, and even how we deal with bugs or mistakes.

You see, we’re like ducks too.

There’s always a lot of exciting activity and development happening below the surface. In case you missed it, here are some of the new features we released in the last 12 months.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

You can process credit cards directly within your account using our new Stripe integration. You can also give clients the option of paying via credit card when they book online.

Learn more about Power Diary and Stripe Integration

Waitlist Feature

Add clients to a waitlist; including their practitioner, date and time preferences. Notify them via text message when a suitable slot becomes available. You can find the waitlist under the ‘People’ menu.

Learn how to manage your Waitlist

Two-way Text Chat

Chat back and forth with your clients via text just like you would on your phone – but without revealing your personal phone number.

Learn how to use the Text Messaging Panel

Live Status Updating

Appointment statuses are updated live on your screen, without needing to refresh the page. Great for seeing when a client has checked in.

New Session Note System (with Templates)

We released a completely new session note system which includes the capacity to generate your own custom note templates and body chart annotation. Plus, you can now attach files to a session note.

Learn how to create Session Note Templates

New Instant Letter Writer

The new letter writing feature allows you to instantly compose letters using your own custom templates and pre-filled content. Then, you can save the letter directly to your client’s file.

Learn more about the Letter Writer

Overhaul of Client, Contact, Referrer and Third-Party sections

These areas were redesigned to simplify the interface and facilitate the inclusion of some new features on the horizon.

MailChimp Integration

Send your client database directly to Mailchimp without having to manually export and import client data.

Learn more about Power Diary + MailChimp

New Appointment Reminder Functions

Automatically send multiple reminders for each appointment, while using a combination of email and text reminders. For example, send an email reminder four days prior to appointments, and then send a text message reminder a day or two before.

Learn how to use Appointment Reminders

Integration with the Department of Veterans Affairs (for Australian customers)

We released an integration with the DVA allowing free direct lodgement of claims.

Learn more about DVA and Power Diary

We assist thousands of users every day. Here are some stats to put that into perspective.

  • Each month our customers send over 340,000 texts. If these were joined into one long message it would be taller than 407 Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other;
  • Every minute 715 actions on average are performed in the system;
  • The sun never sets on our development. With core operations headquartered in Australia and Europe, our distributed global development team works 24/7;
  • Each day, about 10 updates are committed to the system. These can be minor tweaks you may never notice or brand-new, industry-breaking features.

We’ll be posting all the latest practice management news, updates, and ideas right here. If you have any feedback or ideas you’d like to share, please email us directly at [email protected]. We love hearing from you!

Talk soon,

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