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Surgery Group Recommends Power Diary to all their Physicians

“We have worked with over 20 different systems in 10 years. Power Diary is the best – I’m so glad I found it and made the switch!”

Matthew Parker Surgery Group

Matthew Parker,
Surgery Group

Surgery Group is a cosmetic surgery provider offering more than 50 different cosmetic procedures in various locations around the UK. Practice Coordinator, Matthew Parker recently moved his clinic to Power Diary and within weeks he messaged us to say:

“We have worked with over 20 different systems in 10 years. Power Diary is the best – I’m so glad I found it and made the switch!”

Intrigued to understand more – and particularly how a clinic could have possibly used 20 practice management software(!) – we got in contact with Matthew. He wrote to us with this explanation that he is happy to share publicly. He said…

“Over the years, we have worked with 30 different doctors – some of the best in the country, but most with their own system for patient management and correspondence. Our team has had to become familiar with a dozen different CRMs and portals in order to book and manage patients with the different doctors that we work with.

We are always so happy to find that a new doctor is using Power Diary as it makes our lives so much easier, and sets a professional image for the clients. We have no hesitation in recommending Power Diary to the physicians that we work with who are looking to improve their patient administration and efficiency.

Surgery group

One of the most common things we have found is that many doctors are using sophisticated and richly featured systems, but have no idea how to configure and manage all the bells and whistles. Power Diary is very easy to set up and doesn’t overwhelm you with features you’ll never understand or require.

Telehealth is a perfect example of why Power Diary works so well. Video calls are instantly available with any patient you add to Power Diary, and there is no additional setup or software required. You just send the patient a link and you are connected with one click. It’s so easy!

Another example is SMS messaging for appointment reminders and automated follow-up emails. As soon as you start with Power Diary, these are already set up and ready to go. Of course, you can customise them, but it’s really very simple to do.

When using other systems, I can’t tell you how many doctors don’t bother with many features just because they don’t know how to configure them. With Power Diary it is very easy to incorporate these features and so much more.

Another good thing about PD is that there are links everywhere. It’s very easy to bring up a patient record in either part or full screen and every piece of data is instantly available. Everything is just a click away – whether it’s patient images, patient notes, patient invoices, etc.

Some systems are very frustrating because you have to scroll through several screens to get to the bit of information that you need. In my mind, that’s all time wasted when Power Diary has all the key information showing on the screen at the same time.

We’re also really impressed with the customer service at Power Diary. We have bugged the support team with lots of little questions and received a swift response every time, so can’t find much to complain about at all.”

Thank you Matthew, for your lovely message to us and for allowing us to publish it here. We’re so glad to hear that Power Diary is making life easier for you and your team.

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