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Health Practice

Starter Plan

Everything you need to get your practice off the ground!


per month


per month*

1 Practitioner

1000 Appointment Limit

Starter Plan features

  • 1000 Appointments
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Telehealth Lite
  • 100GB File Storage
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Paperless Intake Forms
  • Ready-to-use Progress Notes
  • Integrated Billing
  • Client Booking Portal

See all included features

Also includes

  • Client List Import
  • 24/7 Chat or Email Support

Health Practice

Power Plan

Power up your established practice with automations and scope to expand!


per month


per month*

1 Practitioner (Need more?)

Unlimited Appointments

Everything in Starter Plan Plus

  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Practitioner Scheduling
  • Advanced Waitlist
  • Customizable Note Templates
  • Practice Operations Manual
  • Multiple Locations
  • Room and Resource Management
  • Add Practitioners @ $25 $12.50* / month

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Also includes

  • Comprehensive Data Import
  • 24/7 Chat, Email or Video Support

Group Practice 

Power Plan

Powerful features for growing health clinics.
Take your practice to the next level!

How many practitioners do you have?

Your pricing:

Power Plan (includes 1 Practitioner)

$65 per month

Additional Practitioners x 1

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Group Practice Power Plan features

  • Multiple Practitioners
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Unlimited Telehealth Lite
  • Automatic Appointment Reminders
  • Paperless Intake Forms
  • Practitioner Scheduling
  • Advanced Waitlist 
  • Ready-to-use Progress Notes
  • Customizable Note Templates
  • Integrated Billing
  • Client Booking Portal
  • Practice Operations Manual
  • Bulk Communication Tools
  • Multiple Locations
  • Room and Resources Management
  • Client Admin Notes
  • Comprehensive Reports

See all included features

Also includes

  • Comprehensive Data Import
  • 24/7 Chat, Email or Video Support

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Optional Add-ons

Pay as you use for these items:

SMS Sending

  • Dedicated number (required) – $4.99 per month
  • 35 SMS credits included for free
  • Just 9¢ per additional SMS sent
  • SMS replies are free to receive


  • Telehealth Plus+ provides group calls and other upgrades – 1.5¢ per participant minute
  • Telehealth Lite is included free for all accounts

See All Features

Compare our plans to choose the right one for your practice.

Starter Plan
Solo Practices
Power Plan
Solo or Group Practices
Appointment & Calendar Management
Easy Client Appointments
Create and manage client appointments for each client session.
1000 AppointmentsUnlimited
Group Appointments
Create and manage group appointments with multiple participants, a default group service for easy invoicing, group communication and individual reminders.
1000 AppointmentsUnlimited
Personal Appointments
Create and manage personal appointments, invite colleagues to meetings, and block personal time on the calendar.
Single Practitioner View
View one practitioner’s calendar on display.
Multiple Practitioner View
View multiple practitioners’ calendars on display side by side.
Multiple Locations
Add locations to link them to practitioner’s availability, appointments and invoices. Allocate specific colors to each location to customize availability view on the main calendar page.
Limited to 1 Physical Location and 1 Telehealth Location
Locations Filter
View practitioners’ calendars based on their available locations.
Custom Calendar Intervals
Display calendar(s) in daily, 5-day or weekly view.
Calendar Groups
Organize practitioners in custom groups for calendar display. For example, they can be grouped by profession.
Custom Display Order
Change the order practitioners are displayed on the main calendar display. For example, you can set these in terms of names, demand, availability, etc.
Availability Finder Tool
Easily find practitioner’s availability for manual bookings.
Custom Business Hours
Define business hours for calendar display.
Determine and set weekly,  bi-weekly or 4-weekly recurring roster/schedule patterns. Set up practitioner rosters/schedules per location, with defined availability for online client bookings.
Availability Exception Rules
Use availability overrides to block availability when needed.
Recurring Appointments
Easily recur an appointment based on the specified intervals. Edit or delete one, one and the following or all appointments in the series.
Colored Appointments
Color-code appointments by their type using custom appointment flags.
Confirm Appointment Moves
Enable appointment rescheduling confirmation to prevent unintentional changes.
Appointment Conflict Alerts
A notification alert will signal conflicts between new and existing appointments when setting up a recurring schedule.
Appointment Warnings
Switch on individual appointment alerts or configure an ongoing client appointment notification to be displayed on each appointment block.
Private View Mode
Switch calendar view to private mode to hide clients’ personal information from appointments on calendar display.
Hide Unattended Appointments
Hide cancelled or rescheduled appointments from the calendar display view without deleting them from the records.
Telehealth Lite
HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified video conference platform for unlimited one-on-one sessions, with screen sharing functionality. 

Provides easy access via client’s unique link, with no additional logins or software downloads. Compatible with mobile and desktop devices that have camera and microphone.
Telehealth Plus+
HIPAA compliant and ISO 27001 certified video conferencing for one-on-one and group sessions. No limit on the number of participants.

Waiting room and tech-check, customizable backgrounds for all participants. Enhanced screen sharing, participant chat and file sharing. Compatible with mobile and desktop devices that have camera and microphone.
Optional – See pricing above for regional costOptional – See pricing above for regional cost
Manual Scheduling
Designated users can schedule and edit appointments in available and non-available practitioner hours.
Client Bookings through Online Portal
Clients can register, book and pay for appointments online. Online cancellations and access to client invoices can be enabled.
Appointment Reminders
Send up to 3 automatic SMS or email reminders per each appointment. Send reminders manually and customize automatic reminders per client.
Automatic Confirmations / Cancellations
Allow clients to either confirm or cancel their appointments through text messages – automatically updating the appointment status within the system.
*Dedicated SMS number required.
Google Calendar Sync
Connect your Power Diary calendar with your personal Google Calendar.
Place clients on the Waitlist and receive notifications if someone is waiting for an appointment slot you’ve just freed up. Utilize advanced filters and export options to manage your Waitlist effectively. Quickly inform multiple waitlisted clients about new availability.
Room and Resource Bookings
Schedule an appointment and reserve a room with various equipment items, all tied to a specific location.
Unlimited Client Profiles
Create an unlimited quantity of client profiles for seamless management of appointments, records, and communications.
Unlimited Contact Profiles
Create an unlimited number of contact profiles to better manage client appointments, documentation and communication.
Unlimited Referrer Profiles
Create an unlimited number of referrer profiles to manage client referrals.
Unlimited Third Party Profiles
Create an unlimited number of referrer profiles to manage third-party billing and communication.
Secure Client Messaging: Email
Communicate with clients, contacts, referrers and third parties via email. Use the Power Diary mail server or custom SMTP. Automated and manual email messaging. Store client correspondence indefinitely.
Secure Client Messaging: SMS
Communicate with clients and contacts via SMS. Automated and manual texts. Store client correspondence indefinitely. Dedicated SMS number is required.
Dedicated number (required for US & CA) – $4.99 per month with 35 SMS credits included for free

Price per SMS sent, based on regional rates

SMS replies are free to receive
Dedicated number (required for US & CA) – $4.99 per month with 35 SMS credits included for free

Price per SMS sent, based on regional rates

SMS replies are free to receive
Document Storage
Store digital files, notes, forms and communication records to client profiles.
100 GB file storageUnlimited
Client Tasks
Set up automated and manual client tasks and assign them to users to be alerted when a task is due.
Customizable Invoices and Receipts
Customizable invoices and receipts. Generate, edit, print or email directly from appointments on the main calendar display.
Customize your client setup and invoices to create superbills for insurance claims.
Diagnosis Codes (pre-set ICD-10 codes)
Use the pre-set ICD-10 diagnosis codes and create custom diagnosis lists to make records of diseases, disorders, symptoms, and other reasons for client encounters, in client profiles and invoices.
Session Packs
Use to keep track of the three different metrics: sessions, hours or money, approved for a client by a referral, a pre-paid pack of services, etc.
Integrated Online Payments
Power Diary integrates with Stripe, a certified PCI Service Provider – Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Integrate for free and process payments – costs vary by region see pricing hereIntegrate for free and process payments – costs vary by region see pricing here
Store and Process Credit Cards
Use the Stripe integration to store and process clients’ credit cards securely. Enables online pre-payments, client portal deposits and client portal required payments.
PCI Compliance & Management
Power Diary integrates with Stripe, a certified PCI Service Provider – Level 1, which is the highest level of certification available as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Practice Manual
Access over 100 pre-made policies and procedures that you can customize to fit your specific requirements, giving you a comprehensive Practice Manual for your business.
Notes and Forms Templates Library
Choose from dozens of pre-built clinical and admin note and form templates and use as-is or edit to suit your specific needs.
Progress Notes
Create, sign and lock notes. Options to email or print notes.
Paperless Intake Forms
Gather client information and digital signatures through online forms that automatically save to their profiles. Automatically populate client data with linked profile fields.
Ready to Use Communication Templates
Use ready-made communication templates for SMS, email and letters. Edit and customize for your needs. Embed images, links, online forms, documents to share with clients.
Customizable Communication Templates
Design your own custom templates for various types of communication. Include images, links, online forms, and documents to share with your clients.
File Uploads
Upload digital files and scanned documents directly to client profiles for record-keeping. Sort these files into categories for effortless retrieval and viewing.
1000 GB file storageUnlimited
ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard for information security management. Power Diary’s ISO 27001 certification indicates that we have put stringent security protocols in place to safeguard against unauthorized access, data theft, and information corruption.
HIPAA Compliant
Power Diary is HIPPA compliant which means that the company has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information.
CCPA Compliant
California state law that gives California residents the right to know what personal information is being collected about them and the right to request that it be deleted. Being CCPA compliant means that Power Diary has implemented measures to protect the privacy of the personal information of California residents.
User Profiles
Create a user profile for each person with access to Power Diary, including practitioners, billers, schedulers, supervisors and practice managers.
One free administrative user profileUnlimited free administrative user profiles
Enable two-factor authentication for even more secure user access to Power Diary.
Custom Levels of User Access to Account Data and Features
Select available features for each user profile to define the level of user access to client data and files, and other account features, such as billing, reporting, client communication and data export.
One user profile with full access to available features
Practitioner Calendars
Add a calendar for each practitioner who provides services to clients.
One practitioner calendarAdd Practitioners | Monthly cost per additional practitioner varies by region. Discounted rate available for the first six months.
Free Marketing Tools
Seamlessly integrate with Mailchimp and utilize Power Diary’s built-in Bulk Send functionality. Also, enjoy early access to Power Diary’s webinars.
Extensive Account Reports
Generate account activity, client, financial and system reports, with the ability to customize the output.
Data Export
Export your account data at any time. The exported data will be organized in CSV files and ZIP folders with the digital files and scanned documents. User access to database export can be restricted.
User Activity Tracking
All user activity is automatically recorded and can be audited at any time.
Client List Import
Complimentary one-time import of existing client lists, tailored to your needs and schedule.
Comprehensive Data Import
Complimentary comprehensive one-time import of your database from other systems, tailored to your specific needs and schedule.
24/7 Live Customer Support
Free ongoing customer support provided by a dedicated international team around the clock
24/7 chat or email support24/7 chat, email or video support
Video Tutorials and Knowledge Base Articles
Use our extensive knowledge base of written and video tutorials to learn about Power Diary anytime.
Xero Integration
Power Diary integrates with Xero for even more advanced accounting purposes.
Physitrack Integration
Power Diary integrates with Physitrack, making it much easier to use both systems to provide excellent physiotherapy services.
Mailchimp Integration
Power Diary integrates with MailChimp allowing you to export your clients, contacts and referrers into lists within MailChimp so that you can use pre-built templates to send beautiful emails to your clients (as well as contacts and referrers). MailChimp allows you to automate emails, send marketing campaigns and more.

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I’ve used a number of different practice management systems and there’s no doubt that Power Diary is best in class.

Dr. Ryan Kaplan, Clinical Psychologist
Be Psychology and Mental Health

It's been the best program to use. It makes life a whole lot easier. Especially when it comes to the...

Raymond Inkpen,
Principal Clinical Psychologist
Psi Balance Psychology

Absolutely love Power Diary! It’s simple to use and makes my life easy. Cannot recommend this enough to allied health...

Alison Wheatley,
Byford Physiotherapy
“I’ve used a number of different practice management systems and there’s no doubt that Power Diary is best in class.”

Dr. Ryan Kaplan Clinical Psychologist
Be Psychology and Mental Health


No risk with our Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right! Simply start your account now, and if at any point over the next 12 months you decide Power Diary isn’t right for you, just let us know. We’ll refund 100% of any subscription fees you’ve paid.

Setting up and importing your data is easy

Moving from another system? Don’t worry – we can import your existing data from most software systems. Our customer support team regularly gets rave reviews and we’ll do everything we can to make your transition to Power Diary quick and smooth.

See more about our Data Import Process here.

“Our practice management software simplifies administrative tasks. It allows you to focus on what you’re most passionate about.”

Damien Adler Power Diary Co-founder & Psychologist

Got questions? We can help!

How does the Free trial work?

The Free Trial gives you 14 days to test-drive the system and see how it works. There are no costs or commitments. If you decide not to continue with Power Diary your trial will simply expire. Starting a trial is simple and instant – you don’t even need a credit card!

If you decide to continue with Power Diary and convert your trial before your trial period expires, you still won’t pay anything until after your free trial finishes.

Which plan should I choose?

Our pricing is structured around the number of practitioners within your practice. A practitioner is an individual who schedules appointments with clients. The Starter Plan includes one practitioner and one administrative staff member as a user. In contrast, our Power Plan allows unlimited administrative staff to be added as users without any additional charges.

Example 1:
Sarah operates a health practice with 10 employees, including 7 practitioners and 3 administrative staff. She selects the Group Power Plan. The administrative staff incur no additional fees. During her first six months, she benefits from an introductory discount, which reduces the cost for each additional practitioner. After the discount period, the regular per-practitioner rate applies. If Sarah adds more practitioners, the cost per additional practitioner is adjusted according to the plan’s pricing structure. To calculate your exact costs please see the pricing calculator above.

Example 2:
Matthew is embarking on his health practice journey. Initially, he is the sole practitioner. He opts for the Starter Plan, which perfectly fits his needs as a sole practitioner. His partner, included as the one administrative user, can assist with administrative tasks without incurring extra charges. Since Matthew is just beginning, he is within the 1000 appointment limit, making the Starter Plan ideal for his current needs.

What fees might I be charged?

Your subscription fee depends on the plan you select, which is based on the number of active practitioners in your account.
Starter Plan: Includes 1 user and 1 practitioner, up to 1000 appointments, and essential features.
Power Plan: Priced per practitioner and includes unlimited users, unlimited appointments, advanced features, and support for larger practices with multiple practitioners.

Optional Add-Ons:
SMS Sending: You’ll be charged for any text messages (SMS’s) you have used at the end of each monthly billing cycle. The SMS rate is shown above and this is based on the standard maximum SMS length of 160 characters. SMS messages that are longer than this can be sent but will be split into multiple messages for sending and then rejoined for the recipient (this is done by the telecommunications companies and is outside of our control). The SMS rate shown above is for each SMS of up to 160 characters. See more information about SMS charges here.
Dedicated SMS Number (United States and Canada Only): Businesses in the US and Canada are required to have a dedicated SMS number to send SMS messages. For more information, see Dedicated SMS Numbers.
Telehealth Plus+: Each account includes 100 free participant minutes monthly; additional minutes are charged per participant per minute. The fee is added to your next monthly statement after the month of usage. Telehealth Plus+ is free during the 14-day trial period. More details are on the Telehealth Plus+ FAQs.
Emails: All emails, including appointment reminders, are free.
Stripe: Power Diary integrates with Stripe, allowing you to process credit cards online. Stripe deducts Processing Fees on a per-transaction basis and includes a Connect fee.

All fees (subscription and optional add-ons) are processed automatically each month and a receipt is available from within your account.

How is the billing done?

Billing is done monthly for the month ahead, with any optional add-on fees from the previous month added to your bill. Billing starts after your free trial period, even if you convert to a paid account during the trial.

For example:

Jane starts a free trial on the 10th and converts to a paid account on the 12th. She is billed on the 24th, the date her trial expires, based on the number of practitioners or the plan selected.

As a solo practitioner on the Starter Plan, Jane is billed the Starter Plan price. The next month, she is billed the Starter Plan base price plus any optional add-ons from the previous month.

Am I locked into a contract?

Absolutely not! We don’t believe in locking people into contracts. You can increase, decrease, or close your account at any time. In fact, we even have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee should you decide Power Diary is not the right fit for you anytime during your 12 months with us.

Is support really free?

Yes, all Power Diary support is free. Our friendly Support team can assist you via 24/7 chat or email for all plans. Additionally, the Power Plan includes phone support. You can also access our extensive Helpdesk Articles and Video Tutorials for additional guidance.

I’ve decided to use Power Diary – how do I sign up?

Simply login to your Trial Account (or create one if you haven’t already). Once you’ve logged in, click ‘Convert Account’ and enter your credit card details. That’s it – you’re good to go!

We accept Visa or Mastercard (Credit or Debit).

Are there any system requirements?

Power Diary is cloud-based, meaning that you don’t need to download or install any software. Everything runs securely from your internet browser. You can access Power Diary from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

To access Power Diary, you’ll need an internet connection. We recommend keeping your internet browser updated for an optimal experience.

What is the difference between a Practitioner and a User?

A professional who has appointments with clients, such as a Psychologist or Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist).

Someone with access to your Power Diary account but does not have appointments, such as a Receptionist or Bookkeeper.

Can I get my data if I close my business or decide to leave Power Diary?

Yes, you can export your data within minutes at any time.

Awards and Recognition

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