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    The system trusted by thousands of Psychologists

    Psychology Practice Management Software

    Practice Management Software for Psychologists

    The Smart Way to Manage Your Psychology Appointments

    Power Diary is suited to both solo psychologists and multi-location psychology clinics. If you have experience with Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal, or similar, it’ll be no sweat. With simple ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality, Power Diary’s calendar makes appointment booking and rescheduling extremely easy. You can clearly view booking details, as well as your clients’ appointment history and future bookings.

    The Simple Way to Manage Your Appointments

    Intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality
    Auto appointment confirmation
    Customised to suit your practice
    Power Diary One-Click Calendar Management

    Minimise No-Shows with Appointment Reminders

    It takes a lot of hard work to fill your weekly schedule, so don’t let frustrating and costly no-shows create issues for you and your clinicians. Using Power Diary’s automated appointment reminders feature, you can almost completely avoid no-shows in the future. And when an appointment occasionally does open up, our Waitlist feature will ensure it is filled without any hassle.

    Psychologists tell us that they love being able to send/receive SMS including automated reminders, and the cost of Power Diary is offset with the number of clients who don't miss an appointment! They also love that when clients do cancel, they can then book in people from the waiting list!

    Automated Appointment Reminders

    Schedule 1, 2 or 3 automated SMS and email reminders per appointment
    Monday appointments receive reminders the week before
    Enjoy auto appointment confirmation
    Use the Waitlist to fill empty slots
    Power Diary Automated SMS & Email Appointment Reminders

    Manage Your Clients Effortlessly

    Power Diary is cloud-based, so all of your data stays easily accessible in one place; all you need is an internet connection. This saves on administration costs, as well as eliminating the need to be in the office, on a call or even near your email.

    Psychologists tell us that they love the option to limit access permissions for various roles within their organisation, meaning client data can only be accessed by those you trust or need to have access.

    Everything you Need in One Place

    Full Client Details, Classifications and Communications
    Plus, keep track of referrers, insurance details, and any other Third Parties
    Power Diary Comprehesive Client Management

    Treatment Note Templates Perfect for You

    We are frequently told by customers that they love our customisable treatment note templates because they save hours of time. You can create templates to suit your specific practice, either from scratch, or by using one of our many pre-loaded templates.

    Psychology Treatment Note Templates

    Unlimited use, creation, and storage of templates to cover all procedures and treatments provided
    Access to our full library of specialised note templates
    Customise with text areas, tick boxes, and relevant anatomy images, all with the ability to annotate
    Power Diary Customisable Treatment Note Templates

    Take Bookings Directly Through your Website

    Adding a ‘Book Now’ link to your website will enable clients to not only book appointments at their convenience, for the most suitable time, but also pay for them online with this simple integration. Another saving on administration costs!

    Online Bookings Made Simple

    Brand your client portal with your logo
    Accept new clients, as well as existing ones
    Customise your client portal with personalised instructions and options
    Allows for round-the-clock bookings and payments
    Power Diary Online Booking and Payment Processing

    Customise Your Invoices and Payments

    With Power Diary, your invoices and receipts are customisable, plus you have the option to integrate with various payment and invoicing platforms.

    Psychologists tell us that they love being able to export directly to our integrated platforms, as well as with healthcare providers. With these integrations, Power Diary enables you to easily see where your outstanding payments are.

    Create Invoices Directly from Power Diary

    Customise invoices and receipts
    Include single or multiple services
    Multiple payment types accepted
    Secure payment processing
    Power Diary Integrated Invoices and Payments
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    Software to Streamline Your Psychology Clinic

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Access Anywhere

    Access from Anywhere

    Power Diary is web-based so providing you have an internet connection, you can access your account from anywhere. This is ideal for keeping up-to-date with your admin and maintaining client files, so no need for inputting your handwritten notes later in the day.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software is Easy to Use

    Easy to Operate

    Power Diary requires no set-up, so you can get started right away. It is very simple and super easy-to-use, so no need for any IT skills!

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Safe and Secure

    Highest Data Security

    One of our top priorities at Power Diary is the security of your sensitive and private data. We use only the best technology available, so rest assured that we never scrimp on the level of your data’s security, storage or backup.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Trusted by Thousands

    Trusted by Thousands of Psychologists

    Power Diary has been running since 2007 and is trusted by over 26,700 users, across 23 countries and over 85 health sectors.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software No Contracts

    Rolling Contract

    Lock-in contracts are not something we agree with. We want our customers to stay because they love Power Diary, not because they are tied in. You are free to upgrade, downgrade, export, or cancel at any time – your data is always yours, we just help you manage it.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Free Support

    Free Support Anytime

    We are always on hand to support you and answer any questions or concerns which may arise, either by email or live chat on our website. If you’d prefer a phone call or demonstration – just ask!

    Acupuncture Practice Management Software Money-Back Guarantee

    No risk with our Money-Back Guarantee

    Yes, you read that right! Simply start your account now and if at anytime over the next 12 months you think Power Diary isn’t right for you just cancel your account and we’ll refund 100% of any subscription fees you’ve paid.

    Integrates seamlessly with...

    Stripe integration with Power Diary
    Xero integration with Power Diary
    Physitrack integration with Power Diary
    Google integration with Power Diary
    MailChimp integration with Power Diary

    See what Psychologists say about Power Diary

    "Power diary is the most intuitive, easy to use client appointment system I have used so far. By Psychologists for Psychologists! GOLD! Thanks Guys”

    Dr. Zoe Barnett,
    Presence Psychology

    "I’ve used a number of different cloud-based practice management systems and there is no doubt that Power Diary is the best in class."

    Dr. Ryan Kaplan,
    Clinical Psychologist,
    Be Psychology and Mental Health

    "I think it's best to be honest with reviews and so I am generally quite critical but I can wholeheartedly recommend Power Diary! I looked at nearly all of the alternative systems on the market and knew straight away that this was the one for us."

    Lisa Simone Jones,
    Worcester Therapy Group

    "Love Power Diary and won't be changing! Good customer service with quick and detailed replies. The online portal has saved me hours of admin. It's also easy to use and has multiple functions."

    Dr. Defne Demir,

    "It's been the best program to use. I have a colleague in another practice who wishes they were on it, as it makes life a whole lot easier. Especially when it comes to the messaging service."

    Raymond Inkpen,
    Principal Clinical Psychologist
    Psi Balance Psychology

    "Great customizable practice software! Power Diary is able to easily be customized for the way I run my practice. Plus, the customer service team are very responsive."

    Lauren Hancock,
    Hancock Psychology

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    Begin your free trial before the end of to receive 50% off for your first 6 months!

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