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Making Appointments – Three types

Video Tutorial Transcript

Damien Adler

Hi, Damien here from Power Diary. In this video, I am going to show you how to make appointments in your calendars.

There are 3 types of appointments you can make – a client appointment, a personal appointment, and a group appointment or a class.


Creating Client Appointment

To make an appointment, simply select the time that you would like the appointment to be. So, we will select 10 o’clock and we can either select one block or if you want to make a long work appointment, you just select and drag for the length of time that you like. And then over here, it will default to a client appointment, so if you are making a client appointment, you can just simply click on that and start typing the client’s name. Here I will just make an appointment for myself. The name pops up and just click ‘Save’ and the appointment is made. If it happens to be for a new client, I will show you this in more detail in another video. But you can actually just click here to ‘Add New Client’ directly.


Creating Personal Appointments

So let’s imagine we are going to make a personal appointment, so click the time and I’m just going to click ‘Personal’, and then here we can add in the data of that personal appointment so we might say there is a school event perhaps you want to be at and you want to block out that time. So we just click on that, you can add a description or a flag if you like. And then just click on ‘Save’ and you will see now we have this personal appointment in the system. You will also notice the color bar, the personal appointments are always this kind of grey color bar, versus a client’s appointment which will start with a blue bar meaning it is pending.


Creating Group/Class Appointments

Let’s create one more type of appointment. Again, I am selecting the time and clicking on a ‘Group’ appointment or Class. So maybe if you are running a class, perhaps you might call it a “Relaxation Class”. Click ‘Save’ and then what you will see here is that we can set some different variables. We can actually limit the number of participants that may be able to book into this class and then you can also add clients to this group or class appointment. So again if I was adding in a client, I can just type away and we will see clients that match up. Away, we go, we can see that person has been added [Clicks ‘Save’].

Okay, so that’s it – the three types of appointments. Very easy to make!


Rescheduling Appointments

If you want to reschedule or change the time of length, you just select the appointment and you can edit it over here [shows top right corner] in terms of adjusting the start and finish time but just there is a quick trick. You actually click and drag the start and finish time directly on the calendar itself or you can actually move it to a different day. I am going to hover over the coloured section of the appointment and you will see I can actually drag and drop that somewhere else on the calendar. Which is very handy indeed.

Thank you very much for listening!

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