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11 Best Podcasts for Health Practitioners

For most practice owners it can be quite a challenge to fit everything in – between keeping up to date with your clients and managing the daily admin and requirements of the practice, there just aren’t enough hours in the day! Then add to that the pressure to stay abreast of new technology, and learning better ways of doing things in order to ensure that your practice stays on top of its game, and it’s no wonder that practice owners feel overwhelmed!

But to keep growing means learning from others who are succeeding, because for your business to improve you need to be trying out new ideas. One way to do this is through listening to podcasts. It’s an easy way to access industry-leading information at no cost. And it’s convenient too. There’s no need to read long articles or get in a business consultant. A practice-focused podcast fits in with your schedule, whether you choose to listen to it on your commute to and from work, on your lunch break, or while taking a walk.

Best Podcasts for Health Practitioners

Here, we’ve rounded up our top 11 podcasts for health practice owners:

1) The Private Practice Startup by Dr. Kate Campbell & Katie Lemieux

The Private Practice Startup

This is a brilliant podcast for health practices that will both inspire you and give you practical tips to grow your practice and create your ideal life as a private practice owner.

The hosts are Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT & Katie Lemieux, LMFT – two therapists who built their 6-figure private practices from the ground up. They’re passionate about helping health professionals on their private practice journey from startup to mastery. In their podcast, they interview experts in mental health, successful private practitioners, and others to help practice owners grow their businesses.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

2) Private Practice Made Perfect by Cathy Love

private practice made perfect

The Private Practice Made Perfect is for paediatric allied health professionals. Cathy interviews allied health business owners, digital marketing specialists, accountants, and others to harness their collective wisdom so you can access expert knowledge that can be applied to your practice. Her approach is light-hearted and fun, and the one thing that all her interviewees have in common is an infectious energy and passion for their topic.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

3) Grow Your Clinic, by Clinic Mastery

grow your clinic

This podcast from the team at Clinic Mastery will help you to inspire your team members and offer clients an amazing experience. By focusing on creating a high-quality experience for your clients, you are able to learn the skills required to grow your private practice.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

4) The Therapist Experience Podcast by Brighter Vision

The Therapist Experience

Every week Perry Rosenbloom from Brighter Vision (a world leader in custom therapist website design), interviews a successful therapist in private practice. Specifically for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and coaches working in private practice; the podcast gives high-quality insights into marketing, entrepreneurship, choosing a niche, using technology for growth as well as a more personal take on the highs and lows of running a practice.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

5) The Practice of the Practice by Joe Sanok

The Practice of the Practice

In his podcast, Joe shares innovative ideas for starting, growing, and scaling a private practice. Specifically focused on service-based businesses in the health niche such as counseling, coaching, chiropractic, and massage; Joe offers strategies for increasing income and influence.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

6) PT Tech Talk by Rob Vining and Dave Kittle

PT Tech Talk

Rob and Dave discuss physical therapy and technology and has been described as a “must listen for all physical therapists” because of the great quality content and practical advice that they offer to practice owners. They regularly interview relevant industry-leaders in the tech sphere making the latest developments available to physiotherapy practice owners.

Listen on Soundcloud, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

7) Two Knowbodies Talking by Nick Bracciante, PT, DPT and Will Boyd, PT, DPT

knowbodies podcast

The Knowbodies podcast was started by Nick and Will is aimed at creating a more informed, healthier society. They interview leading minds in the worlds of health, fitness, and self-development and can be relied upon to give practice owners fresh insights into how to improve their own practice.

Listen on their website, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

8) Abundance Practice Building by Allison Puryear

Abundant Practice Podcast

In her podcast, Allison shares practical advice for counsellors starting out on their own wanting to build a practice. With podcasts three times a week (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), she gives practical insights into building your dream practice.

Listen on their website, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

9) The Physio Mentor by Mellissa Salmond

The Physio Mentor

This podcast aims to transform physiotherapy graduates into successful private practitioners. As a previous physiotherapy practice owner herself, she gives insights into how to move from graduating with a physiotherapy degree to working successfully in private practice. She addresses basic fundamentals such as how to give patients a positive experience in a physiotherapy private practice, what to say (and what not to say) in a private consult and much more.

Listen on Soundcloud, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

10) Crushn It Chiropractic Podcast by Richard Avery

Crushn It Chiropractic Podcast

Richard interviews successful chiropractors to find out more about the realities of running a practice. Here you’ll get useful information on what other chiropractic doctors are struggling with and how they overcame those issues as well as insights into effective patient management, communication, marketing and more. Get everything you need to know to quickly grow a thriving chiropractic clinic.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Android Podcasts.

11) The Practice of Therapy with Gordon Brewer

practice of therapy podcast

This podcast is ideal for therapists, counselors, social workers, psychotherapists, and mental health clinicians in their practice journeys. Gordon Brewer is the host and provides tools, resources and advice for people starting, growing or expanding their private practices. The podcast will help you learn from other experts in the field to move your private practice forward to success.

Listen on Stitcher, or listen on Apple Podcasts.

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If you’ve read through this list of podcasts and aren’t sure which to follow, try out one episode from each!

Rather than listening to business speakers or podcasts that aren’t a good fit for your needs, niche down to listen to practice-specific podcasts that will allow you to make practical improvements to the way that you run your practice.

If you’re a practice owner needing some fresh inspiration, try adding these podcasts to your list for new ideas on how to improve your practice. Build in a regular time slot for listening to podcasts and you’ll be amazed at the ideas and insights you gain.

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