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Running a Health Clinic?

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Marketing & Growth

Therapy Branding for Your Private Practice

Having stand-out therapy branding can make all the difference to your practice. We’ve compiled a guide with the best tips and tricks for creating a successful brand identity.

Use Reports to Find Golden Opportunities: With 7 Reports to Improve Your Practice

Your records hold the key to improved management of your practice! We’re sharing ideas for reports that will focus your communications efforts and help fill your calendar. Read on and start running these essential reports today.

6 (FREE!) Ways to Market Your Telehealth Services

COVID-19 has accelerated a number of changes for healthcare professionals, and chief among them is Telehealth. If you want to increase the number of clients that access your appointments online, here is how to market your Telehealth services for FREE!

The Benefits of Utilising Email Marketing For Your Practice

Email marketing allows practice owners to increase engagement with their clients, book in more appointments, and build customer loyalty in the most cost-effective way. Here is everything you need to know before starting your marketing journey.

Physician Referral Marketing - A Strategic Approach

An established network of referral relationships can keep your business growing, so you can focus on your practice rather than filling appointments. Here is how to set up long-term relationships with referrers.

How Do You Know When it’s Time to Recruit?

Working out the exact right time to recruit a new team member is complicated.

Here are the top considerations to review before hiring at your practice.

How to Write an Effective Ad for Your Physical Therapy Practice

You know it’s important to advertise your practice to attract new clients, but it can be hard to start. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. Read our principles that can then be applied to the process of writing them.

5 Quick Ways to Attract New Chiropractic Patients

Attracting new chiropractic patients is an ongoing challenge for many healthcare practices, but it’s vital for your practice. The best place to start is with marketing. To help you with this task, we created a list of 5 free or low cost marketing strategies. This is only the beginning!

10 Unique Ways to Attract Top Talent: Find the Best Practitioners to Work for You

Looking to expand your practice? it can be difficult to source the best practitioners to suit the needs of your business. We’re sharing effective ways to up your recruitment game and attract top talent.

8 Google My Business Tips to Put Your Practice on the Map (+ a Bonus Checklist!)

Your GMB listing is an essential part of your online presence and local SEO. With a little bit of effort, it can become a source of regular leads for your practice. Here are the healthcare-specific changes you can make to be in Google’s good books.

Creating a Business Plan For Your Psychology Private Practice

We’ve narrowed down the essentials of a practical business plan template, divided into five different sections. This template is going to help keep your practice on track and motivate you to succeed!

The Benefits of Having a Physical Therapy Newsletter

A physical therapy newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients, not only to communicate information that is essential to their care but also to keep them engaged in the ongoing management of their own health, and it also builds trust and loyalty. One of the greatest benefits of committing to a regular newsletter is...

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