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TherapyNotes vs. Power Diary

A practice management system can change the way that you work and run your clinic, so we understand that it is an important decision.

TherapyNotes and Power Diary are both great options, but there are some key differences which really set them apart.

What’s the difference between
TherapyNotes and Power Diary?

In short, Power Diary offers more features at a much more affordable price. If a rich library of treatment note templates, a built-in practice operations manual, and SMS messaging are key to your practice, then Power Diary is the most logical choice for you.

We’ll explain exactly how below, or start a free trial to see for yourself…

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See Why Health Practices Love Power Diary

Top rated with 800+ reviews Top rated with 800+ reviews

I’ve used a number of different practice management systems and there’s no doubt that Power Diary is best in class.

Dr. Ryan Kaplan, Clinical Psychologist
Be Psychology and Mental Health

It's been the best program to use. It makes life a whole lot easier. Especially when it comes to the...

Raymond Inkpen,
Principal Clinical Psychologist
Psi Balance Psychology

Absolutely love Power Diary! It’s simple to use and makes my life easy. Cannot recommend this enough to allied health...

Alison Wheatley,
Byford Physiotherapy

Why should you choose Power Diary?


Over 10 Times the Amount of Free Note Templates

As a health professional, you’ll appreciate how much time can be saved with the right treatment note templates in place. Power Diary offers over 100 specialized templates for free, compared with a much more limited selection from TherapyNotes.

But quantity isn’t the only difference; Power Diary’s templates are fully customizable with text and note areas, multiple-choice and tick boxes, image and body charting with annotation, and much more. On the other hand, TherapyNotes’ templates can only be customized in certain ways. So with Power Diary, you can setup your note process to really suit your practice.


Power Diary Costs Less

It’s no secret that pricing is a big deciding factor when choosing a Clinic Management Software. All costs add up when running a practice, so we aim to keep our prices as low as possible, whilst maintaining the high standard of our software and service.

As you can see from our price comparison below, our prices are consistently lower than TherapyNotes’, with a substantial saving once you require 3+ accounts. We aim to support your growth, not profit from it.


Advanced Automated Appointment Reminders and Updates

We’ve all experienced client no-shows at some point, so you’ll know how frustrating and costly they can be. You can virtually eliminate the chance of no-shows with Power Diary, by scheduling up to 3 automated SMS appointment reminders per booking.

Whilst you can send 2 automated SMS appointment reminders with TherapyNotes, clients aren’t able to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointments with their reply. Power Diary’s advanced functionality recognizes and processes the replies, and updates the appointment status without any manual work required!

Furthermore, if you need to discuss appointment details with a client, or request that they bring certain documentation, you also have the option of two-way SMS chat through the Power Diary app!


Waiting List Functionality to Effectively Fill Cancellations

One feature that really sets Power Diary and TherapyNotes apart is our Waitlist. Cancellations sometimes come out of the blue, but they shouldn’t mean that you or your reception team should use your valuable time manually reaching out to clients.

Power Diary can quickly and easily fill those empty slots with a simple click of a button. A direct SMS message can be sent to a select group of clients on your waiting list based on criteria such as their preferred practitioner and availability.

Plus, you can easily see and filter clients by things like how long they’ve been waiting for, locations, custom tags and more. Power Diary does the hard work, so you don’t have to.


Bulk Text Messaging

Changing your address or working hours? Have upcoming promotions or events? Power Diary helps you to communicate these with your clients in one go, with bulk text messaging capabilities via the SMS panel of our app.

With over 99% of all text messages being opened and read within 5 minutes of delivery, this is the most effective way to communicate with your clients and market your clinic. This is something which TherapyNotes does not offer.


Efficient Online Booking System

Both Power Diary and TherapyNotes support online bookings. However, TherapyNotes requires clinician confirmations for all online bookings, making them more of a request than a booking. Power Diary allows clients to directly schedule their appointments via the free Client Portal, with no confirmation needed from the practitioner, saving you time! Practitioners get notified but are not required to intervene in order to accept bookings.

You can also set your own rules about when clients can book, whether new clients can book (or just existing), what the cancellation policy is and more.


Robust Integrations for Marketing and an All-Round Improved Experience

At Power Diary, we offer various integrations to improve your, and your client’s, experience.

As well as integrating with Stripe and Xero for effortless invoicing and payment processing, Power Diary integrates with Mailchimp, so you can increase your marketing and improve your customer relationships. Export your client database directly into your MailChimp account, and send up to 12,000 seamlessly automated emails each month, completely free of charge!


In-Platform Practice Operations Manual

Professional policies and procedures are necessary for any practice, but they’re also time-consuming and expensive to create. Power Diary is the only practice management system with an in-platform Practice Operations Manual, including a core set of ready-to-go policies and procedures developed for you by industry experts. You can edit, delete and archive the existing policies and even add links, files and policies of your own.

It’s all available to you at no additional cost when you start your Power Diary subscription. TherapyNotes doesn’t offer this feature, you’ll only find this at Power Diary. We’re constantly thinking about how to make practice management easier and more streamlined, and we’re proud to bring this to you.

No risk with our Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right! Simply start your account now, and if at any point over the next 12 months you decide Power Diary isn’t right for you, just let us know. We’ll refund 100% of any subscription fees you’ve paid.

Still not sure whether to choose
Power Diary or TherapyNotes?

Here’s a chart where you can make a fair assessment…

Power Diary vs. TherapyNotesPower DiaryTherapyNotes
Free trial
Price for 1 practitioner (per week)$10 $5*$11 ($49/month)
Price for 3 practitioners (per week)$16 $8*$28 ($119/month)
Price for 7 practitioners (per week)$26 $13*$55 ($235/month)
Price for 15 practitioners (per week)$42 $21*$111 ($497/month)
Price for 30 practitioners (per week)$60 $30*$214 ($929/month)
Calendar managementIncludes unlimited appointment flags to show pending, confirmed, cancelled and other statuses.Limited appointment flags – eg does not show when appointments are confirmed.
SMS & email remindersLimited – no auto-updating of appointment statuses
2-Way SMS chat
TelehealthOver 100 specialized, fully customizable templates. Set up as many templates as you need for different types of requirements (eg initial assessment, standard consultation, follow-up, specifics for different conditions, etc.)Allows 1:1 Telehealth sessions, but more participants are not possible.
Online FormsChoose from a vast library of preloaded specialist templates, all of which are configurable, with the ability to add your own branding. Create and store as many templates as your practice requires. Responses received are added to the client file, and the clinician is notified.Currently offers a small number of portal forms and assessments in their library.
Client management system
Treatment notesOver 100 specialized, fully customizable templates. Set up as many templates as you need for different types of requirements (eg initial assessment, standard consultation, follow up, specifics for different conditions, etc.)A small selection of note templates are available with some ability to customize these. However, it is not possible to add things like checkboxes or images for annotation.
Online bookingsOnline bookings automatically update your calendar. You can set whether the new or just existing clients can book, how far in advance they can book, who they can book with and more.Clients can make a request for a booking but these must be reviewed and accepted by the clinician.
Invoices & payments
Credit card processing
Reports & analyticsSystem, Financial and Client reports and analyticsYes, but very limited
Money-back guarantee
Data import service
Practice Operations ManualThis industry-first feature provides a core set of policies and procedures that are ready to use and easily adapted to your practice.

*This comparison article reflects information available as of 5th October 2023.

*Pricing with current special offer available until the end of this month.
All prices are in USD

You can see why Power Diary is trusted by thousands of practitioners.

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Here’s what Power Diary Clients are Saying…

“I’ve used a number of different practice management systems and there’s no doubt that Power Diary is best in class.”

Dr. Ryan Kaplan Clinical Psychologist
Be Psychology and Mental Health

"Great easy booking system - love that I can do reports, store patient notes, send emails, invoices and write letters. Has made my business seamless!"

Sarah Sealey,
Amity Physio Pilates

"Really efficient planning and invoicing. The reminder emails and text messages have been reliable. I have been thoroughly impressed with Power Diary!"

Lauren Darsie,
Childspace Paediatric Physiotherapy

"My clients love making appointments through our Client Portal… some wake up with pain in the middle of the night, and they grab their iPad or Tablet and book a time that suits them!"

Tony Logan-Stevens,
Remedial Massage Therapist,
Hands from Heaven

"Helps me get organised and make my appointments for the week. I can easily visually see who is still owing payments and also it creates space for me to add extra things. Your help desk is amazing. Thank you!"

Sophie Egan,
Sophie EGAN Speech Pathology Clinic

"My business could not function without Power Diary. It enables our staff to work from anywhere. Love that we can customise the program to suit our business."

Margaret Asimus,
Skin and Wound Care Consultancy

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