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    Clinical Notes

    Flexibility, ease of use, and unlimited customisations are the secret recipe behind our treatment notes.

    Customisable and Flexible Treatment Notes

    The ability to create custom note templates is one of our most loved features. Create a template that fits your needs, or just modify one of our preloaded templates. Use what you need; whether it’s an element of text, multiple choice/tick boxes, or images/body charting (with annotation). Develop as many custom templates as you like. For example, maybe you’d like to create 3 different layouts: the initial consult, a progress note, & then follow up phone call. Each template is made up of your chosen combination of different elements. Think of our treatment notes feature like a easy to use form builder.

    Setup Treatment Notes to Suit Your Practice

    Hundreds of Pre-Prepared Templates

    Start with one of our pre-prepared templates. We’ve created hundreds of note templates to cover all the major allied health professions. These might be perfect for your practice, or you can customise them to suit your needs.

    Multiple Choice & Tick Boxes

    You can also add sections with multiple choice questions & answers. You can display options as radio buttons or a dropdown list, and add as many answers as you’d like.

    Image & Body Charting with Annotation

    Use our standard body charts or upload your own images for note template. Once you have these, you can easily annotate your charts with arrows, text, or a freehand pen. This isn’t limited to body charts: you can also upload photos of your patient and mark-up those images if necessary. Or upload your hand-drawn pictures.

    Text Notes

    Add custom text areas for open-ended questions. These are great for collecting information about referral information, asking patients to describe a condition in full, or capturing any kind of information. This is our most commonly used treatment note section.

    Note Sections

    Use sections to keep your templates organised. You might have a different section for the client’s self-assessment, your assessment, treatment plan, medications, etc.

    Create as many Note Templates as you need

    You might have different templates for initial assessments, follow-up treatments, different types of clients, or different conditions. Create your own or use one of our pre-populated note templates.

    Previewing your treatment note template in Data Entry Mode will help you visualise the form from a patient’s point of view.

    The Fastest, Easiest Note System You’ll Ever Use


    Write and Scroll

    Write a note while simultaneously scrolling and viewing previous notes.


    Duplicate Previous Note

    Save time by duplicating a previous note and building off the template.


    View Edit History

    Never let a change slip through the cracks; view your entire note edit history.


    Quick Find Search Tool

    Having issues finding an important note? Use our Quick Find Search Tool.

    Don’t worry about your notes disappearing into the Great Unknown. If your computer crashes or the WiFi network is unstable, we’ve got your back with autosave functionality. Freely edit or update your notes while they’re in draft status, but to prevent tampering or accidental notation, we created Lock Mode. Once a note has been locked it can no longer be unlocked, edited or deleted and will become a part of that client’s permanent record. If you plan on revisiting a note or making changes to it at a later date, just save as draft.

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