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The Practice Power Up Podcast

Your go-to resource for private health practices.

The Practice Power-Up Podcast by Power Diary is your go-to resource for the management of your health practice. Damien Adler, the co-founder of Power Diary and a clinical psychologist, will bring proven strategies to run and grow your practice, interviews with industry leaders, and everything you need to know about Power Diary including platform updates and insider tips & tricks.

Claire, Power Diary Product Owner, joins Power Diary's Co-Founder, Damien Adler, to catch up on some of the key feature developments from this year, including:

  • Client Diagnosis Codes
  • Communications Updates
  • 48-Hour Restore for Deleted Clients
  • Default Service for Group Appointments
  • Linked Fields for Forms
  • Notes and more...

Find out what are the newest updates in your favourite practice management software - Power Diary! Damien and Danielle discuss the new Telehealth Plus feature, New Gender Identity, Sex and Pronouns for clients, and more.

In the 13th episode of the D&D Download, the duo discusses the latest and greatest since our last check-in. Releases and Highlights covered include:

  • Telehealth+ feature updates
  • Insurance details Linked Profile Field added to Forms
  • Client Portal: Pay for Group Bookings in the Portal
  • Improvements to Letter Preview
  • Updates to the Help Menu
  • Two New Pronoun Merge Fields
  • Log File Entry
  • Additional Small Improvements
  • G2 Summer Awards
  • Power Talks Webinars

We’re excited to have recently achieved ISO 27001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for data security! Power Diary’s Co-Founders, Paul Adler (CTO) and Damien Adler (Head of Customer Success) share why this is vital in the current cyber environment. Prepare to dive into the ISO 27001 security standards and discover how Power Diary’s security and privacy measures can help you meet your professional obligations, comply with regulations and give you peace of mind.

In the 12th episode of the D&D Download, the duo discusses the latest and greatest since our last check-in, including:

  • Product updates
  • BETA Release of Telehealth Plus+
  • New features for Waitlist management
  • Time Zone enhancements
  • Restoring deleted invoices episode-11-dd-download
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Power Talks Webinar preview: Security & Privacy | News and Updates for 2023
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