Appointments, reinvented

The fastest, most intuitive way to manage your bookings.

Appointment management, made easy

Making appointments in Power Diary is fast and super-intuitive.  Infact, if you know how to use iCal, Google Calendar or Outlook, you already know how you use Power Diary!

Whether your clinic has one clinician or fifty, everything runs better when your appointments are organised and managed in one place.

Appointment Reminders, done smarter

“Since using Power Diary client no shows are almost non existant”

– Veronica, Coolum Remedial Therapies


Set and Forget Simplicity

SMS or email appointments reminders are sent automatically to clients and / or their contacts.

Auto-Magic Reply Handling

If you ask clients to reply to Confirm or Cancel their appointment, their replies will be read by Power Diary, and their appointment status will automatically be updated.

Fully Customisable

Use our preset reminder defaults or customise everything including the message type (SMS / email), content, and when your reminders are sent.

Appointments, your way


Regular appointments for normal client bookings.

Group (or Class)

Create a Group booking and add multiple clients. Set maximums to prevent over-booking.  Stay in touch by sending bulk messages to the group.


Use Personal appointments to block out time  for yourself.


Take the hassle out of managing your waitlist.  See exactly which clients are waiting for appointments, who they’d like to see (or if they are happy to see anyone), and what days and times they are available.

Rosters, for greater control

Powerful rostering enables you to set who is working, when and where.

Multiple Locations

Create separate rosters for each location that you work. Add your Registration or Provider numbers and invoices will automatically populate with your correct details for each location.


Set weekly or two-weekly recurring roster patterns.


Custom Online Availability

Control exactly which days, times and locations you’re available for bookings via your Client Portal.


Override Anything

Override your normal roster to block out holidays, finish early on a particular day, or add some one-off extra sessions.

View your appointments, how you want

View all Calendars for the week, or drill right down to just one calendar on a single day.


View one or more calendars one week at a time. Great for getting a quick overview of appointments and availability.


See what’s happening across your practice on a single day, or focus in on a single calendar.

Custom Groups

Create Calendar groups based on profession or speciality (or anything else) and then at anytime select to view just that Calendar group.

One, Some or All

Quickly toggle between Single, Group or All calendar views giving you complete flexibility in how your schedule is displayed.

With Colour, because it’s better

It’s much easier to see what’s happening with Colour!

Appointment Status

Coloured Appoitment Status tell you at a glance if an appointment is Pending, Confirmed, Cancelled or any other status.  You can even see if your client has arrived!

Customisable Flags

Appointment Flags change the background colour of appointments.  Create as many Flags as you like – First Appointment, Child Client, Assessment Session, or anything else – your imagaination is the limit.

Roster Location

Work across a few locations? No problem – just set which colour you’d like for each location so you can easily see when and where you’re rostered.