Client Portal

Working even when you’re not

Take Bookings 24 / 7

Convenient for your clients, great time-saver for you.

More clients than ever want the convenience of online booking.  Simply place a link to your Client Portal on your website, Facebook page or anywhere else and your clients will be able to book appointments (and pay you) anytime. 

As Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Booking appointments is super simple

1. Click on Client Portal

Your clients can access the client portal at any time, from anywhere, all without you doing a thing.

2. Select Clinician, Service & Time

They select the clinician they’d like to book with, the service they’d like to receive and the time they would like to receive it.

3. Confirm Details & Book!

Finally, your client confirms the details of their booking to ensure everything is okay and confirms it!

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Give your clients the freedom to pay for their services as they book it.

Whether you choose to require payment or make it optional is entirely up to you, leaving you in control (and the money flowing).

Everyone Wins

The Client Portal is included free in all Accounts

Clients can book when it suits them

Get paid at the time of booking

Increases attendance rates

Secure and confidential

Reduces admin time and costs

Clients can check own future appointments

Clients verified by SMS or email

Increases total bookings

Customise and Control Everything

You’re still in control of everything. Maintain minimum time before bookings to prevent same day bookings, what services clients can and can’t book and even block certain clients from using the portal.

Regardless of your businesses requirements, you’ll always remain in control while still giving your clients the convenience and booking flexibility that they deserve.

What’s more, the Client Portal is completely yours to customise. Add branding to create a beautiful booking experience for your clients.