Getting Paid


Seamless invoicing, directly from your account


Generate invoices instantly directly from the calendar.  Add multiple services or products, and apply multiple payments if needed, i.e. cash and credit card.

Client, Parent or Third Party

Set invoices to be payable by the client directly, or allocated to a third party such as parent, employer or insurance provider.


Set your invoices to auto-populate any required content including client insurer details, referral information, payment options and clinician information.


Set a client’s invoice to be deidentified and their name will be replaced with a client ID.  Perfect for invoicing third-parties such as employers.


Send lots of invoices to one client or third party? Streamline with statements.

Combine Multiple Invoices

Streamline your invoicing by combining multiple invoices onto one Statement. Print or email the statement directly to the client or third party payer.

One client or many

Need to invoice one person or organisation for appointments for multiple clients?  Easy, combine all appointments onto one Statement.  You can deidentify the client names too.

Resend or Recreate

Statements are stored in the Client or Third Party’s profile.  Resend it at anytime, or create a new Statement to reflect current or outstanding invoices.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Two minute setup, no monthly fees

Our integration with Stripe enables you to accept credit cards payments.  It’s super simple to setup and use, is fully PCI compliant, and you don’t need a terminal!

Get Paid when Clients Books Online

Turn on credit card processing for your Client Portal and you can either require, or give clients the option of paying for their appointment when they book online.

Get Paid when Clients Attend

Seamlessly process credit cards from within your account.  Even if you decide to keep your existing terminal, our Stripe integration works great as a backup, and for processing payments on the go from your smartphone or tablet.

Integrated for Easy Lodgement

Our Medicare, DVA and HICAPS Go Integrations are completely Free!


Efficiently process Private Patient and Bulk Bill claims.  All the required claim information is sent directly from your account to Medicare so no time is wasted entering provider numbers, item codes and service costs into terminals.  In fact you don’t need a terminal at all!


Process DVA’s Allied Health and Paperless Claims with just a few clicks.  Your client’s DVA number and other claim information is automatically submitted, and payments from DVA are paid directly into your nominated account.


Coming soon: Integration with HICAPS GO for super-fast private health claim lodging.

Payment and Reconciliation

Custom Payment Types

Customise payment types to reflect the payments your business accepts.

Payment Reconciliation

Run an Activity Report to see the totals received for each payment times over a day, week or any period desired.


Record prepayments and then apply this credit to a client’s invoices over time.

Fast Bulk Payment Management

Apply bulk payments to a client or Third Party and then quickly apply this across their outstanding invoices.

Outstanding Account Management

You’ve done the work, it’s time to get paid!



Account Reports

Generate Aged Receivable and other financial reports to see exactly who owes you money, and length of time overdue. Click on the client’s name to drill down into the details.  Learn about more reports.

Calendar Alerts

Visual alerts in the Calendar highlight anyone with outstanding invoices. See a summary of a client’s outstanding account on the calendar page too!

New Appointment Warnings

Add a custom pop up alert, or block a client with overdue invoices from having new appointments booked.