Total Peace-of-Mind

Keeping your data Safe, Secure and Available

“Security is top of mind in everything we do.”

 – Paul Adler, Head of Technology & Co-founder, Power Diary

Protecting Your Data

The security of our client’s data is of utmost importance to us. With Power Diary you enjoy better security for less cost because we are able to invest in advanced security systems and share the cost across all our clients. These systems would otherwise be prohibitively complex and expensive for the average business to deploy and maintain.

User Access Controls

You control who has access to your Power Diary account as well as what they can access within the account.

At any time you can change a user’s security settings, suspending certain permissions or revoking access altogether with immediate effect.

User Activity Logging

User activity within your Power Diary account is recorded and logged. You can see when a user logged in and get a clear picture of exactly what actions they have performed within the account.

You’re also able to use our powerful filtering options to filter these logs down so that you can see information that’s relevant, whether that means only viewing activity from one user or IP address or seeing exactly what happened on a given day.

Secure Data Transmission, Storage and Backup

Our servers are located in a secure, state-of-the-art data centre in Sydney, Australia and are protected by a firewall with redundant power & cooling systems. The data is backed up every 20 minutes and an additional offsite backup is made at 1am every night to a geographically separate secure data storage facility.

The connection between your browser and our servers is protected so that information transferred is encrypted using SSL technology. This prevents others from intercepting and reading this information during transit.

24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring

We use advanced, multilayered performance and security monitoring systems which operate at all times. 

Unusual or potentialy suspicious activity triggers automated system assessment and management responses, along with immediately alert notifications for manual review by our Technology Team. 

Uptime of 99.99% +

We understand that you need access to your account at all times.  That’s why we’ve invested in ensuring that Power Diary is both stable and reliable.

Power Diary exceeds industry benchmarks with an average yearly uptime above 99.99%.

Maximising Security

Whilst we have in place significant measures to protect and maintain the safety and security of your data, no system, whether electronic or otherwise can ever claim to be absolutely secure. Just like internet banking, or your ATM card, the security of the Power Diary also relies on you keeping your login details confidential. Never give your Power Diary login information to anyone, and be sure to create a unique username and password for each person that you permit to access your system.