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Running a Health Clinic?

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Practice Management Tips

Billing Cheat Sheet for Podiatry in 2021

Managing a podiatry practice isn’t an easy undertaking. From the day-to-day challenges of keeping your practice running to thinking of new marketing strategies to integrate into your current operations. One of the areas that you can’t afford to overlook is billing. Accurate billing is essential and ensuring that you fulfill your country’s requirements.

Should You Charge for No-Shows? (With Example Policies!)

Are no-shows affecting your practice? Find out what to consider when developing a no-show policy. Here, we provide a list of pros, cons, and sample policies to get you started.

Positive Feedback in Practice Management (Why and How to Focus on This)

Positive feedback is one of the easiest and most effective management tools. Here is why and how to focus on it in your practice management.

Should You Get a Business Coach?

Hiring a business coach can be your shortcut to success.

Learn why and when you should hire a coach, and how to find the best fit for your practice.

Best Healthcare Podcasts (Updated for 2021!)

A great way to keep abreast of trends and inspired it by listening to podcasts. It is an easy and convenient way to keep up to date with the newest information.

Here are the best healthcare podcasts for 2021.

6 Ideas to Create a More Visually Appealing Telehealth Background

If you're using Telehealth calls as part of your practice, here are some things to keep in mind - particularly visually appealing telehealth setup that clients see in your video...

6 Types of Appointment Flags that Can Improve the Client Experience

Optimising the way you use appointment flags can go a long way to offering a better experience, both for your clients and your team. Learn more here.

5 Ways You Can Streamline Billing in Your Health Practice

There’s a lot more to a successful practice than seeing clients and moving into private practice doesn’t necessarily mean less admin. It is essential to streamline billing in order to maintain the financial health of the practice. Follow our steps to bring order to your practice finances.

Telehealth for Mental Health Professionals

Telehealth is vital to adapting your mental health practice to meet the demands of the world, and a great tool for growing your business. We’re sharing tips to make your practice as connected as possible, while keeping you and your patients safe.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Reception Service

Have you ever wondered about using a virtual reception service in your private practice? It can be a great way to get leverage. Here, we outline the pros and cons of using a virtual reception service.

7 Tips For Managing Your Team Remotely

Managing a team remotely isn’t all smooth sailing.

Learn about the four major challenges and our top tips to help you successfully manage your remote team.

How Giving Back Can Help Build Your Practice

Your practice is a vital part of your local community, so it’s important to support those who support you. Not only does it make you feel good but it also gives you the exposure to build up your practice. Here are 6 reasons why giving back can help your practice.

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