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Psychology Clinic Uses Power Diary to Minimise Administration and Focus on Customer Service

Psi Balance Psychology was born from a desire to help people live a joyful life and “a fascination with why people do the things they do”. The clinic now has five psychologists operating near capacity, and founder Ray says that Power Diary has been an important part of helping them scale. “We’re able to run with minimal admin staff, and I’d estimate Power Diary saves me personally 2 hours a day - I really don’t have to do anything. It also allows (practice manager) Glynda to work school hours. It really is a tool that empowers practitioners.”

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Williamstown Psychology uses Power Diary to manage six diaries, two locations and their Telehealth offering from end-to-end

Camille felt daunted by the prospect of managing her own practice, but soon embraced it by tackling one problem at a time. As she grew the practice, she says they were “drowning in paper - paper receipts, paper diaries, and paper notes”. So she embarked on a technology journey, moving from a “pen and paper practice” to online accounting and then on to a full practice management software with Power Diary and Xero.

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Establishing a New Psychology Practice in the Midst of a Pandemic

Within a few moments of meeting Christine, you are immediately caught up in her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm for her work. When it comes to the new practice, she is bubbling over with ideas and plans for the future, all underpinned by a focused passion for helping vulnerable children and teens. Here’s how Christine is building a new business with a clear vision for both her clients and team in mind.

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How Systems and Mentoring Helped Laura Forlani Grow from Solo Practitioner to a Successful Practice With 10 Psychologists

Laura Forlani never wanted to be a boss. In fact, she says; “I ran my practice with my heart, not my head.” This is why she decided to engage with a business mentor, which soon led to systemising her practice. At the time, she couldn’t have predicted the results that would stem from that decision though as this set them on a path of massive growth and she now has a thriving practice with ten psychologists onboard (and currently recruiting for more).

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How a Unique Concept for a Psychology Practice is Supported by Streamlining Software and Systems

With a team of 8 psychologists, Walk Different offers outdoor-only walking therapy which “removes the awkwardness of seeing a psychologist in a traditional setting”. Since taking over the business, Marc Eskander has focused on putting processes in place to automate and simplify the experience for both clients and therapists. He says; “we need virtual solutions to ensure everyone is fully in the loop, and it needs to be as efficient as possible.”

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