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Private Practice
Consultant / Coach, Australia

TechAbility provides technology advice and services for allied health and NDIS providers. They help you choose the right systems for your needs and set them up for optimal use.

About TechAbility

TechAbility is your one-stop-shop for technology advice and support.

Having the right systems and using them effectively is critical in enabling organisations to reduce manual processes, work more efficiently and ultimately reduce costs.

They can help you identify ways to effectively use your existing technology and integrate it with other suitable systems. TechAbility has years of experience with client and practice management systems, accounting systems, project management and collaboration tools. They will help you select the most appropriate options for your business needs.

TechAbility can also help you get your systems set up, manage the whole project for you, get your data migrated or enter it all in from scratch. They will make sure the configuration of the software will work best for your organisation. They understand the complexities and requirements of the allied health and NDIS industries will make sure your invoicing, claiming, and pays are working smoothly.

TechAbility can also provide training for your team either one-on-one or in groups to give them the knowledge and confidence to correctly use the system so your organisation achieves maximum efficiency.

They can also provide ongoing support services- let them deal with the forms, service agreements, claims, timesheets and invoices so you can spend more time looking after your clients and growing your business. They can complete tasks such as processing client and contractor invoices, reconciling payments in your accounting software and following up unpaid invoices, managing service agreements, creating service bookings and managing funding claims and reports.

TechAbility can help you every step of the way.

Special Offers for Power Diary users

For Power Diary users, TechAbility offers a free, no-obligation 15-minute consultation to discuss your technology needs and provide you with advice to put you on the right track. Book your call here.

Contact Details

Phone:1300 956 099
Email:[email protected]

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