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    Massage Therapy
    Management Software

    The Practice Management System chosen by thousands of Massage Therapists

    Massage Practice Management Software

    A Practice Management System for Massage Therapists

    Stress-Free Way to Manage Your Appointments

    Power Diary is designed to suit solo masseuses and massage therapists as well as multi-location clinics. Regardless of your IT skills, you’ll have no trouble navigating our calendar feature, especially if you have experience with Google Calendar or Outlook. Appointments are easily booked or rescheduled, and each booking links to the client’s notes, history and upcoming bookings. Massage therapists love that they don't have to worry about confirming appointments as Power Diary does it for them!

    The Easy Way to Manage Your Appointments

    Intuitive ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality
    Auto appointment confirmation
    Customised to suit your clinic
    Power Diary One-Click Calendar Management

    Avoid No-Shows with Appointment Reminders

    When you work long hours to fit in all of your clients, you should be able to relax knowing you have well-earned payments coming in. Unfortunately, no-shows are far too common, and are extremely frustrating, especially knowing another client could have taken the appointment. Power Diary’s automated SMS and email appointment reminders, can drastically reduce the risk of no-shows, and allows you to effortlessly fill any cancelled appointments with the Waitlist feature. Massage Therapists tell us that their clients love the instant booking confirmation, followed by the reminders.

    Automated SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

    Instant appointment confirmation
    Schedule up to 3 automated SMS and email reminders per appointment
    The Waitlist fills available appointments
    Power Diary Automated SMS & Email Appointment Reminders

    Manage Your Clients With Ease

    Being a cloud-based system, Power Diary allows you to access your client files and data on-the-go, as long as you have an internet connection. A huge saver on time and administration costs. Massage Therapists love how easy it is to access appointments and client notes from anywhere!

    Everything You Need at Your Fingertips!

    Full Client Details, Classifications and Communications
    Referrer Details
    Insurance Details
    Any other Third Parties
    Power Diary Comprehesive Client Management

    Treatment Note Templates to Suit your Clinic

    Our customers love the treatment note templates as they free up hours of their time. You can choose to work straight from a pre-loaded template, or start from scratch and create your own to suit your practice and treatments.

    Massage Treatment Note Templates

    Unlimited use, creation, and storage of templates
    Access to our full library of specialised note templates
    Customise with body images, annotations, text boxes, checklists and much more
    Power Diary Customisable Treatment Note Templates

    Allow Clients to ‘Book Now’ Online

    Power Diary gives you the option to receive bookings round-the-clock with a simple integration. By adding a ‘book now’ button or link to your website, new and existing clients can easily choose an appointment to suit their schedule, as well as paying there and then. We’ve been told that Massage Therapists’ customers love this feature as now, if they wake up with pain in the middle of the night, they simply reach for their phone or tablet and book the next available appointment.

    Online Bookings Made Simple

    Brand and customise your client portal to suit your clinic
    Less phone calls, manual calendar management, and payment chasers
    Accept new clients, as well as existing ones
    Instant online payments
    Power Diary Online Booking and Payment Processing

    Customise Your Invoices and Payments

    With Power Diary, you can customise your invoices and receipts, and you have the option to integrate with various secure payment platforms, enabling you to identify outstanding accounts effortlessly. Power Diary can even create a report for your accountant at the EOFY.

    Submit Invoices and Receipts Directly from Power Diary

    Customise invoices and receipts
    Secure payment processing
    Track outstanding accounts and part-payments
    EOFY reporting
    Power Diary Integrated Invoices and Payments
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    Software to Streamline Your Massage Therapy Clinic

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Access Anywhere

    Access your Files from Anywhere

    If you are often away from the clinic, a cloud-based system is ideal for keeping your client files and admin up-to-date. With Power Diary, you can access your account from anywhere you have an internet connection via a tablet, smartphone, or your computer.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software is Easy to Use

    Easy to Operate

    Power Diary requires no set-up, so you can get started right away. It is very simple and super easy-to-use, so no need for any IT skills!

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Safe and Secure

    Highest Data Security

    The security of sensitive and private data and information is a priority at Power Diary, and we only use the best security systems to safeguard it. There is also the option to limit access levels for certain team members, so private data is kept secure.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Trusted by Thousands

    Trusted by Thousands of Masseuses and Massage Therapists

    Power Diary is trusted by over 26,700 users, across 23 countries, and over 85 health sectors. We value your patients’ privacy as much as you do.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software No Contracts

    No Fixed Contracts

    We don’t lock our customers in with lengthy contracts. We want our customers to stay because they love Power Diary, not because they can’t leave. You are free to upgrade, downgrade, export, or cancel at any time.

    Podiatry Practice Management Software Free Support

    Free Support Forever

    Being an online system, there is no clunky software to install, but queries are still inevitable, so for the full duration of your membership, we provide free support via email and live chat – and if you’d prefer a demonstration then just ask!

    Acupuncture Practice Management Software Money-Back Guarantee

    No risk with our Money-Back Guarantee

    Yes, you read that right! Simply start your account now and if at anytime over the next 12 months you think Power Diary isn’t right for you just cancel your account and we’ll refund 100% of any subscription fees you’ve paid.

    Integrates seamlessly with...

    Stripe integration with Power Diary
    Xero integration with Power Diary
    Xero integration with Power Diary
    Google integration with Power Diary
    MailChimp integration with Power Diary

    See what Massage Therapists love about Power Diary

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