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Adding Services and Products

Note: The SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Damien Adler

Hi, Damien here from Power Diary. In this video, I am going to show you how to make appointments in your calendars. There are 3 types of appointments you can make – a client appointment, a personal appointment, and a group appointment or a class.


Adding and Editing Services

So to do that, we go to ‘Setup’ over here [Menu on the left-hand side] and click on ‘Services’ and you’ll see a list of services. There are a couple of example ones in this account.

To add a service, we simply click this ‘Add Service’ button, and I’m going to show you one that already has information in it because I think it makes it a bit clearer. So we start off with the name of the service – that can be anything, so in this case just ‘Standard Psychological Consult’ and item number or code so if this is a service associated with private health insurance or Medicare, you can add in the code associated with that service. That will then populate on invoices and if you use electronic claiming, you also make sure this item code is used and sent through to the insurer. We can add a description, it is not mandatory but it shows up on invoices, it allows you to add some additional information. The duration of the service that you provide; the tax status of this [service], so in this case, we have this as tax-exempt.

The cost will be the underlying cost of providing that service. It’s not mandatory, the one we need to have though is the sale price, so how much you’re actually selling the service for and then the category this service belongs to. So here we’ve got selected ‘Psychology’ but you can configure the different categories of services by clicking on this via a custom list and you’ll see the option to edit and add those categories.

It makes it easier to have services categorised – particularly if you have a multidisciplinary practice and a lot of services. It can get to be a very long list and by using categories, you can break them down to each discipline type.

So once, that is done, you simply click ‘Save’ and that service will be added or in this case, edited.

If you are editing an existing service and let’s say, you’re adjusting the price of the service at the end of the year and you have future invoices, that are already generated that have this service, you have the option here [‘Update existing invoices’ window pops up] to update those future invoices with the new price and that’s it.

So I’ll show you how it looks on the actual system – when you’re using it, so if we were to click on an appointment, we would see over here we want to create an invoice for this appointment. So we can see now, here we have these options and under ‘Services’ we have ‘Standard Psychological Consult’ which is the service we were just editing then, and so I’m just going to select that and click ‘Save’ and now what we will see if we want to view this.

What this actually looks like I’m going to go to this print icon just because it gives us a preview of the invoice so you can actually see it. But what you’ll be able to see here is that I’ve added that service to the appointment and we can see the item code, the item name, and description, the price, any tax and so forth automatically populated on the invoice. This means that we only ever have to set up these services once and then they’re available on this drop-down list and it will automatically populate everything you need on the invoice associated with that.


Adding Products

Now, just before I go, I just want to show you that Products are very similar. So services are things that we might deliver for instance person to person. A product might be something that we actually sell, it may be books or supplements or CDs or whatever it might be. And it is a very similar process. Just under ‘Setup’, ‘Products’ and then you’ll see it’s a very familiar form where you can add in the name, the details of that product and then enable you to have a list of all the different things that you sell.

Okay, that’s it for this video. Thanks very much for watching.

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