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Setting Up Stripe to Reduce No-Shows

Note: The SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Justin from Power Diary

Hey there, Justin from Power Diary. And no practitioner likes no-shows. They cost you time, they cost you money. So let me show you how Power Diary can help with that in 30 seconds or so.


Stripe + Power Diary

Power Diary integrates with Stripe, which is great because it means you can collect digital payments directly in Power Diary, but you can also use it with our client portal or online booking system. Hopefully, you can see where I’m going with this because it means that you’re going to be able to set up payments at the time of booking. So you can either have it so that payments are required across all services or just across some of them. And that way, someone will have to pay to confirm their appointment. But not only that, you don’t have to choose between paying the full amount for the service or none of it. You can actually specify, like in this personal training example, a deposit amount. Maybe I don’t want to collect the whole payment, but $40 sounds good to me as a serious investment in actually showing up to the appointment. Now that the client has paid something for the appointment, they’re far more likely to turn up. But not only that, if they don’t turn up, at least you’re not entirely out of pocket that way.

So as promised, here’s a quick tip on how you can use Power Diary to eliminate your no-shows. Head over to PowerDiary.com to start your free trial today, and bye for now.

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