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Telehealth Plus+ (Beta Release)

Update: We’re thrilled to announce that our much-anticipated feature has graduated from Beta! You now have full access to its enhanced capabilities, designed to enrich your experience with us. Dive in and explore all the new possibilities at your fingertips!

Video Tutorial Transcript

Danielle from Power Diary

Hey, Power Diary friends, Danielle here! So I’m coming on today to introduce you to Power Diary’s latest addition, Telehealth Plus. As the world continues to shift towards online healthcare, we want to provide our customers with the best possible telehealth experience. That’s why we’re releasing a beta version of Telehealth Plus, which includes group telehealth appointments. I know you’ve been asking, and enhanced video call services for both single and group appointments. Now, during this beta phase, you can try out the basic features of Telehealth Plus for free, and we highly encourage you to do so and provide your feedback. This will ensure that the final release meets your needs. Once released, there will be a small charge for the enhanced capabilities while our current telehealth feature will remain available at no extra cost. Now, let’s head on into the system, and let me show off the new Telehealth Plus.


Telehealth in the appointment panel

Okay, as you can see, here I am within the Power Diary system. I already have an appointment flagged for telehealth. Actually, it’s my appointment. So when I click on it, you will see in the appointments panel this new beta Telehealth Plus start session. This is the new Telehealth Plus platform. Now, if you click on the telehealth icon from the top of the appointment panel, that will launch our traditional telehealth appointment, which is tied to the client’s account. As you remember with our current telehealth program, each client has their own telehealth link. With Telehealth Plus, it’s a unique link tied to the appointment. Why? That’s so you have the capability of sharing that appointment link with more than one participant. Actually, it’s up to eight participants at this time, and each appointment can be 60 minutes. Okay, so knowing that if you’ve got automatic appointment reminders going out to your telehealth clients with the link. That link will be for their traditional telehealth system. If you’re going to be using or you want to test Telehealth Plus, you need to launch it right here and grab your link. So let’s go ahead and launch it and see what that looks like.


Telehealth + session screen

So here we are on the Telehealth Plus session screen. You are all ready to go. As you will see, the name of the practitioner has already populated and this opened up in a new tab, which is fantastic for our users because you’ll be able to continue to use the Power Diary platform while your Telehealth Plus session is in progress. So you can take notes, you can move your calendar around, schedule new appointments, whatever you need to do in Power Diary, you’ll be able to do while your Telehealth Plus session is running. Great. So down here, you will see the link for the session. Remember, each appointment will have a unique Telehealth Plus session attributed to it. So when you book an appointment, there will be a new session for Telehealth Plus linked to it, different than our current telehealth program, which the client is attached to the telehealth. This is attached to the appointment. You can now share this link with whatever clients you want to join this session. You simply copy the link and then you can email it or send an SMS reminder. I’ll show you how to do that in a second. Down here is where you start the session, and below it you will give us some nice information. You can provide us with feedback we are looking for, or you can go ahead and head on over to the Help Scout article that will provide you with some more detailed information on using telehealth and also an insider peek at what is yet to come. Okay, so in the next step, we’re going to go ahead and start our session.


Telehealth+ session on the practitioner’s side

So we’re all ready to start the session. I’ve shared my link with my colleague, Heather, and let’s go ahead and launch this up. And we’re just going to wait a second for Heather to join us. And there she is. Say hello, Heather.

H: Hi, Danielle. How are you?

D: I’m good. Thank you for joining me for my test telehealth session. And just a second, we’ll bring in a third participant. But how are you liking it so far?

H: It’s great. The connection is really stable, and I can hear you very clearly.

D: Excellent. Let’s get that other participant on. Now we’ve got three participants on our call. We’ve got Heather and we’ve got Mr. Pokémon down at the bottom joining us today.

So as you can see, Telehealth Plus beta works with multiple participants and allows you to really connect with more clients.

So let’s head back into the system and let me show you what it looks like on the client side of the interface so you can get that visual and talk to you about a few other tips and tricks around Telehealth Plus. This is what the screen looks like after you’ve completed your telehealth session. You kind of return back to where you started. So you’ve got that link in case you wanted to start back up, but you also have got a great place right down here where you can click and fill out a feedback form and let us know how your Telehealth Plus experience went. Great, so let’s head back into the system now and let me show you a few other tips and tricks.


Telehealth+ session on the client’s side

So before we jump back into the Power Diary platform, I thought it would be nice to demonstrate what it looks like on the client side. So at the top, you’ll see the Power Diary logo and the name of your practice. Then you’ll see “Join a Telehealth Plus session.” Excellent. And then it states that all sessions are secure and encrypted. This is very important for the client that they know they are in a safe and secure place. Then they will have a box to enter their name, and then there’s some information about what device they can use. Now, their device must have a camera and microphone, obviously, it’s a telehealth session. And this can be used on most phones, tablets, and notebooks where suitable. And then they’ll click “Join a Session.” So let’s type in my name and join telehealth session. When they join the session, if you are not already there, they will get this nice and simple “Wait” screen where it says, “Waiting for Practitioner.” And then once you come in, the screen will open. Okay, so now let’s head back into the system.


Telehealth+ Tips & Tricks

Here I am back in the Power Diary platform. And as promised, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for using Telehealth Plus. So perhaps you see some upcoming appointments for telehealth that you want to move over to Telehealth Plus.

That’s great. But remember, each different Telehealth Plus appointment will have a different session URL for each of them. So you’re going to need to open it up and grab the link and then send it off. So let me show you how to do that real quick. So you’re going to go ahead and grab the appointment, and it will open up the appointments panel. From here you can start the session,, and in a new tab, you will have your Telehealth Plus start session, but you don’t want to start it, you just want to copy the link, great. Now you’re going to return back to your Power Diary platform, and from here you can message the client, which I’ve already set this up and I’m going to send the message. Or you can go ahead and head on over to the communications and do a “New Email,” and it will open up the email tab and you can send them an email and embed the URL there, great. All right, so there’s several different ways for you to go ahead and notify the client of their upcoming appointment and where it will be hosted, which will hopefully be the new Telehealth Plus. And again, if you have multiple clients that you’d like to join for the appointment, you can share that unique appointment URL for each telehealth session with them, and they’ll be able to join. I hope you guys enjoy Telehealth Plus. Give it a try, give us your feedback. There is more to come with this new feature. Again, for now, it is free. And then as we continue to add on and develop and get it out of beta, there will be a small charge. So until next time, I will see you later. Bye-bye.

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