Access anywhere

Power Diary is web based, so you can manage your appointments and your business wherever you are. Use almost any internet connected device including Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android.


If you have used Outlook or Google Calendar before you already know how to use Power Diary! Appointments are created with a single click, and can be dragged, dropped and edited easily. New clients can be created instantly too.

Complete Schedule

Individual, Group and Recurring appointments are all supported on Power Diary. Appointments can be flagged with different colours so that you can see at a glance what's on. Availability can be configured using the Roster tool.

Client Portal - Always Open

Let your clients book 24x7 by adding the Client Portal to your website. Clients can securely view, make or cancel appointments, and all information related to other clients is blocked out to preserve confidentiality.

Sync your Calendar

Sync your Power Diary account to Google Calendar and to the calendar on your phone. This gives you the ability to see your complete schedule at a glance without logging into Power Diary.


Your data is kept safe, secure and protected by industry leading security measures. You always remain in control of what you users can see and do. Data is backed-up every 15 minutes and you can export copies of your data at any time. Learn more

Client data

Comprehensive Client Database

Securely record client information including personal details, appointments, contacts, referrals, service history, invoices, payments, session notes, documents and more. Custom tags can also classify clients into groups enabling targeted communication.

eNotes, history and File Uploads

Enter session notes for each client directly into Power Diary. You can also upload and save documents, correspondence or images to the client file which can then be viewed wherever you access Power Diary.

Track Session Numbers

Access client service history with just one click. See at a glance how many sessions a client has received and importantly if they have reached Health Insurance, EAP or other service thresholds.


SMS & Email Reminders

Reduce 'no-shows' by up to 50% by sending automatic SMS and email appointment reminders. You can also request clients to SMS a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply to automatically confirm or cancel their appointment in your diary.

Email & SMS messages

Create personalised SMS or email templates with merge fields and send them to individual clients or in bulk to your client database. Introductory client letters, payment reminders, e-newsletters or special offers can all be created, saved and sent at anytime.


Create templates for your commonly used correspondence such as welcome letters, referral acknowledgment and progress reports. Merge fields can be used to personalise letters to include the client, appointment or referral details.

Business management

Invoicing, payments and Credit card Processing

Generate, print or email customised Invoices and Payment Receipts to clients or third parties. Instantly setup and process credit cards using our integration with Stripe. (No terminals or merchant accounts required!)

Financial and Performance Reports to stay Informed

Reports and tools to allow you to quickly and easily monitor how well your business is performing. Available reports include sales (inc. GST/VAT/PST), payments and outstanding invoices, attendance rates, client classifications and more.

Health Industry Compliant and Ready-to-Go

Health Practitioners can generate Private Health Insurance compliant receipts instantly that include Service item numbers and all required practitioner, client, doctor and referral information.

Advanced User Tracking and Logging System

Everything your team does on Power Diary is tracked and able to be viewed by you and others you authorise. Want to know who made, edited or moved an appointment? Now you can.

Integrated with Xero to enhance efficiency

Power Diary integrates with Xero so that you can export your Invoices, Payments and Clients directly to your Xero account. Xero is a web based accounting system used worldwide by many small and medium sized businesses.

Adapts to meet the changing needs Business

Power Diary is a flexible system that evolves to the changing needs of your business. Adding new staff, engaging off-site reception services, or expanding your offerings can be managed in just a few minutes.

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