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Power Diary Tutorials

Videos and instructions about how to use Power Diary

Quick Navigational Tips

Note: The SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS; the All Calendars menu has been renamed to All Practitioners.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Damien Adler

Hi, Damien here from Power Diary! In this video, I am going to show you some quick navigational tips to help you find your way around the system. 

First of all, we have the main menu on the left-hand side right here and you can actually minimise this by clicking on the little hamburger menu if you want more horizontal space. Or, if you click on any of these menu items, you will see a range of submenus will open up. So it’s very easy to navigate to where you need to go.


Going back to the main calendar page

To get home or back to this main calendar page, wherever you are in the system, you can click on the ‘Power Diary’ icon at the top. Let’s say you were looking at ‘Log File’ to see activity within your account and you want to get back to the main calendar screen, just click on the ‘Power Diary’ logo and you are always straight taken back. It is always good to know, doesn’t matter where you go in the system, you can jump straight back to the main screen to access your appointments.


Calendar views

Across the top here, we have the different clinicians that you have registered in your account, and by clicking on these, you can access and view their diaries. And in this setup, I am looking at in a week-view, one clinician at the time.

But you can actually change that view, so if you want to see all the calendars together and for instance, you could say: “I want to show week view and all calendars and you actually see Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…” and you can see when they are rostered (practitioner availability) for each of those days side by side. You can also look at just today, and see what availability you have or what appointments you have with all the rosters for each of the clinicians together.

Let’s jump back at a ‘Week view’ and I am going to select just Renee here to show you. Also, often people don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays, this is a dead space. So I’m actually going to click on ‘Monday to Friday’ view and this way you can just fill the screen with the times you are most focused on.

You can also jump around and navigate quickly in the system so if you are booking an appointment for someone, let’s say you are doing a follow-up in one month, you can actually click just ‘1 month’ and you will see the calendar jump ahead a month. And you can jump ahead anywhere you like, or you can choose the date picker – so if you wanted to pick a particular date in the future, you can use that. Click on the date you would like and you will be taken to that date to make appointments.

Once again, no matter where you are in the dates, you might be for instance, into 2021 and want to get back today, just click on ‘Today’ and the calendar will get you straight back to today. So this is fantastic for circumstances where you are looking into the future and perhaps setting up your future appointments and the phone rings and you need to jump back to today and be able to actually see what’s happening right now.


Search function

Finally, I thought to show you this search function up here because this is super powerful. You can search for clients, by just typing in their names. So if you start typing the name, it’ll start searching and finding clients that actually match that name.

You can search based, for instance, on invoices so if you are looking at invoice number and you want to find, let’s say you want to reconcile a payment, so you want to find an invoice, you can just type the number in.

Or if you are trying to find details of referrers, perhaps doctors, they refer to you, you could actually start by typing in the doctor’s name and you will see all the matching doctors’ details pop up. So definitely, check out this search function because it saves a lot of time and it means you can find pretty much anything you need in the system from that main search bar at the top. That’s all for this video!

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