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Set Up Power Diary on a Mobile Device or Tablet

Video Tutorial Transcript

Danielle from Power Diary

Hey everyone, Danielle here with Power Diary. In this brief tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to easily access Power Diary from your mobile device or tablet, so grab your nearest device and let’s get started.


Go to powerdiary.com

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to get on your mobile device or tablet and go to your main search browser. In this case, I have an iPhone so I’m going to go ahead and use Safari. I open it up and I’m going to go into the navigation and put in the Power Diary web address.

Now I’m on Power Diary’s main website. Next, I’m going to click the drop-down and go to “Login” and I’ll be taken to the login page. From here I’m going to go and put my login information which I already have saved and I’m going to log in.

And there you go now you’re on Power Diary portal. You have everything in front of you that you will need to schedule appointments, make appointments, add new clients. Everything that you can do on the desktop version now you can do on the mobile version now you’re probably saying to yourself. I do not want to go to my browser every time and log in. That’s just annoying. Well, guess what! We have an easy quick fix for you.


Creating Power Diary shortcut on your home screen

At the very bottom of your screen, you should see a box with an arrow button on it. You’re going to want to go ahead and click it. It will bring up a listing of all these places you can share this website with. We’re going to want to go ahead and click “Add to home screen”. (Here) Power Diary, it’s got the web address that we were just on, we’re going to add it to our home screen and there you go now “Power Diary” is right there on your home screen amongst your other apps ready for you to use quickly and easily. By clicking on it, you’re taken back to the page and again you can utilize all the features of Power Diary desktop version on your mobile device. So if we wanted to make an appointment for a client, one of our existing clients, let’s call it Kevin and we want to make it today, we want to put, you know, the second appointment. So we have a little note, go ahead and do that. We can pick his service and save the appointment. You can also send notes, emails, text messages, reminders, anything that you need to do, you can send the invoice, you can do it again right here on the mobile version. Then you just close. You’re back to your dashboard you see his appointment and you’re ready to go so.


I hope this tutorial was nice, quick and easy for you. And if you have any others that you would like to see please reach out to us. Have a great day!

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