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Podiatrist utilises Power Diary to build a unique kind of practice

David Walker didn’t come to private practice via the traditional route as he spent the first half of his working career in academia teaching functional anatomy and biomechanics to budding podiatrists in University training. Eventually, the frustration that “people weren’t necessarily getting appropriate treatments” drew him to leave the education sector and go out into private practice. He took a pragmatic engineering approach to diagnosis and management and his practice grew to have 5 practitioners operating across 3 locations.

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How a Paper-Based Podiatry Practice went Digital after 37 Years

Denise Sutton has been practising as a podiatrist for 40 years but when people ask if she gets tired of looking at people’s feet all day, she replies that; “The feet might be the same, but the people are really fascinating.” She takes joy in helping others and is full to the brim with interesting stories from her home visits. Here, she explains why she decided to go digital with her practice and how it’s helping her help her clients.

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