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Power Diary Partner…

Nacre Consulting

Cathy Love

Private Practice
Consultant / Coach, Australia

Allied Health Business Coach, Nacre Consulting, co-pilots with people to create their own brilliant business that delivers the time, money, and joy they desire.

About Nacre Consulting

Nacre Consulting’s Cathy Love deeply understands the challenges of private practice management and what it takes to dig deep, close your eyes, and go for the business of your dreams.

Nacre Consulting provides a range of programs to serve allied health business owners at all stages of their business adventure.

Advantage Membership provides monthly business training and a treasure chest of resources for on-demand learning to boost your know-how, confidence, and business success.

Accelerator Mastermind provides training, resources, and small group business coaching for industry insights, action and accountability.

Amplified Mastery is one to one coaching with Cathy Love as your business co-pilot. Training, resources, and a fast lane to significant business acumen and results.

Boardroom Alliance is an invite-only boardroom program where Cathy Love facilitates powerful entrepreneurial conversations with like-minded business owners for outstanding personal and business success.

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Special Offers for Power Diary users

For Power Diary users, Cathy is inviting you to book a Power Call at no cost. Simply mention Power Diary when you schedule your call.

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