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Adding New Clients – 4 ways

Note: The PEOPLE > Clients > Create menu has been renamed to PEOPLE > Clients > Add; the SETUP menu has been renamed to SETTINGS.

Video Tutorial Transcript

Damien Adler

Hi, Damien here from Power Diary.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can add clients or patients to your system. And there are 4 different ways to do it, which makes it very easy.


Add New Clients from Main Calendar

The first one is from the calendar itself. You just select the time that you are booking. And over here you will see that you can either search for existing clients or, if they were a new client, you simply click on a ‘Add a new client’ and you can add a new client directly into the system like this. If we put in, for instance, a new client, Alice would ring up and would like an appointment, we can add her first and surname, phone and email, and so forth, and you can also collect some more information if you like. Add some comments and just click ‘Save’. And what this would do is, it will create an appointment for Alice as well as create a client profile, which you can then add, of course, additional information to referrers, notes, and so forth.


Add New Clients from ‘People’ Menu

The second way to add a client or patient to your account is by the ‘People’ menu. If we click on People and then create, what you will see here is the option to either add Client, Referrer, Contact, or Third Party. So here we can start adding a client, we can add for instance Ian Smith, very creative indeed, and a mobile number and so forth if we choose to. Click on ‘Next’ and this will create a basic client profile for Ian and you can add the additional information. So for instance, you can add a date of birth, contact details, referrers, and so forth. So that is option number two.


Add New Clients via Data Import

The third way to add is via a data import, so in the original setup, and this is normally when people are first transferring to Power Diary. You can click on Setup and then Data Import and if you have your client list in electronic form so if you have a CSV or a back up from your previous practice management system, you can just drop the files in here, that will securely send the files to your account and to our data import team who will then import them for you free of charge. So that will create all the client profiles and link up all your existing information directly into your account so you don’t need to manually go through and add that if you are transitioning across from another system or perhaps just an Excel spreadsheet.


Add New Clients via Client Portal

Finally, the other way that clients can be added is via your client portal, so I will go into that in more detail. But I will just sort of alert you to where it is. So you will see here in ‘Set up’, we have ‘Client portal’. The client portal is really where you can place essentially add a ‘Book Now’ button on your website and it will allow people to book in into your calendar and depending on the options that you choose, you can also allow new clients to register directly on the system. It means you don’t have to be manually adding people in, and you can accept new clients 24/7.

That’s it from me. Thank you for watching!

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