Practice Management Software is a type of program that is used to help operate a health service or clinic. Usually Practice Management Software provides various functions including a diary or scheduling program to manage client or patient bookings, and some type of client management function that stores details of clients who visit the clinic. Additional features may be offered by different Practice Management Software providers. You can view Power Diary’s features¬†here.


What’s the difference: Online Practice Management Software vs offline Practice Management Software?

When you see the term “Online Practice Management Software” or “Web based Practice Management Software” it usually means that the clinic software program is hosted on the internet. This means that you access the software via your web browser on your computer, tablet or smart phone. No software or client information is installed or stored locally on your computer. Power Diary is an Online Practice Management Software system. There are a number of important advantages (and a couple of disadvantages) to using online or web based Practice Management Software.


Main Advantages

  • You can access your information and run your practice from anywhere with internet
  • User friendly – No software to install and manage on your computer
  • You are always using latest version of the software as changes made centrally by the software provider are usually automatically available for all users.
  • It’s easier to grow or relocate your practice
  • Your online diary and Practice Management System is available anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Automatic data backup usually performed by the software provider
  • Less risk of loss of information. If your computer dies, or is stolen you don’t lose your information as your data is stored and backed up in data centres. You can read Power Diary’s Safety and Security Factsheet Here.


There are a couple of disadvantages to consider

  • Online systems require an internet connection to work. Most internet providers provide 99% uptime so very occasionally there may be a disruption to your internet service. (Power Diary can be accessed by iPhone, iPad and most Smart Phones so our users are rarely effected by this.)
  • If you have a very slow or poor quality internet connection then your experience of using an online software system will be less enjoyable. Most online software systems however do not use much data, and can still operate over slow internet connections. Power Diary is designed to be very light on data usage and will work well on almost all internet connections including 3G.

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