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Solo Physiotherapy Practice grows into a Large Multidisciplinary Clinic

Tessa Hinds started her own physiotherapy practice in 2011 - in a tiny corner within a bike shop! It wasn’t long before she brought Sarah Golding into the practice as a partner and together they built their client base before moving to much larger premises. The clinic now occupies a large and very prominent space on a busy street in their local area and Tessa says she’s “amazed and never could have imagined getting to this size - especially when I think of how we started!”

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Podiatrist utilises Power Diary to build a unique kind of practice

David Walker didn’t come to private practice via the traditional route as he spent the first half of his working career in academia teaching functional anatomy and biomechanics to budding podiatrists in University training. Eventually, the frustration that “people weren’t necessarily getting appropriate treatments” drew him to leave the education sector and go out into private practice. He took a pragmatic engineering approach to diagnosis and management and his practice grew to have 5 practitioners operating across 3 locations.

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Psychology Clinic Uses Power Diary to Minimise Administration and Focus on Customer Service

Psi Balance Psychology was born from a desire to help people live a joyful life and “a fascination with why people do the things they do”. The clinic now has five psychologists operating near capacity, and founder Ray says that Power Diary has been an important part of helping them scale. “We’re able to run with minimal admin staff, and I’d estimate Power Diary saves me personally 2 hours a day - I really don’t have to do anything. It also allows (practice manager) Glynda to work school hours. It really is a tool that empowers practitioners.”

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Speech Pathologist says new systems were a big factor in growing to 15 practitioners and 3 clinics within 3 years

In the last 2-3 years, Lauren and Catherine’s clinic has grown from being just the three practitioners in one location to having 3 locations and 15 employees! They’ve also expanded their services to become a multidisciplinary paediatric centre which consists of Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services. Lauren says she’s not entirely sure how they’ve grown so quickly.

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Physiotherapist Uses Telehealth and Sees Improved Client Engagement

It took Andy MacKellar no time at all to embrace Telehealth when the Coronavirus hit. After conducting his first couple of sessions, he was quickly convinced that Telehealth will continue to feature in his clinic - even once the current environment improves. “Power Diary is helping us become a ‘visiting and video’ service - we have all the tools we need, whether we’re on the road or on the screen.”

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Speech Pathologist breaks free from Evenings of Admin

When Sophie first started her speech pathology practice, she used a simple paper diary and manilla folders for client files. But by 2015, she realised that things had to change. With a busy schedule seeing up to 8 clients a day, the paperwork was getting out of hand. It was becoming increasingly harder to find things and she didn’t feel like she was ever on top of the workload. She was also motivated by environmental concerns and wanted to move towards a paperless clinic (or at least avoid using paper as much as possible!).

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The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic moved from paper diary to Power Diary

The Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic are leaders in the field of fertility, guiding women through natural conception and IVF across several locations. Delia McCarthy says she loves Power Diary for its “effectiveness and simplicity”, but remembers that she was hesitant to leave the paper diary behind. She sees protecting patients’ privacy and confidentiality as a key professional responsibility so before switching from a paper diary to a cloud-based practice management system, Delia had to be sure that her sensitive patient information would be protected.

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Physiotherapist transitions from being a ‘paper-girl’ to having systems for everything

When Allison relocated to a semi-rural area with young children in tow, she never imagined she’d be opening up her own physiotherapy practice - but that’s exactly what happened. In fact, it wasn’t long before her one-woman clinic was ‘flat out’. Here’s how she uses Power Diary, Xero and Physitrack to create a loyal customer base, and allow her to keep on top of things from the clinic, client home visits, the hydrotherapy pool, or even from the farm!

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Home Testing for COVID19 Made Possible with Telehealth

Confirm Testing was launched not long after the COVID19 pandemic hit the world. Its founder, Toby Nicol, and his partner developed a unique way of testing for antibodies and came up with a way to package their test kits so that they could be conducted from home with the assistance of a qualified nurse via a Telehealth call. Here’s how they operate their business to streamline their processes to cope with high demand.

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Williamstown Psychology uses Power Diary to manage six diaries, two locations and their Telehealth offering from end-to-end

Camille felt daunted by the prospect of managing her own practice, but soon embraced it by tackling one problem at a time. As she grew the practice, she says they were “drowning in paper - paper receipts, paper diaries, and paper notes”. So she embarked on a technology journey, moving from a “pen and paper practice” to online accounting and then on to a full practice management software with Power Diary and Xero.

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Establishing a New Psychology Practice in the Midst of a Pandemic

Within a few moments of meeting Christine, you are immediately caught up in her positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm for her work. When it comes to the new practice, she is bubbling over with ideas and plans for the future, all underpinned by a focused passion for helping vulnerable children and teens. Here’s how Christine is building a new business with a clear vision for both her clients and team in mind.

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How Systems and Mentoring Helped Laura Forlani Grow from Solo Practitioner to a Successful Practice With 10 Psychologists

Laura Forlani never wanted to be a boss. In fact, she says; “I ran my practice with my heart, not my head.” This is why she decided to engage with a business mentor, which soon led to systemising her practice. At the time, she couldn’t have predicted the results that would stem from that decision though as this set them on a path of massive growth and she now has a thriving practice with ten psychologists onboard (and currently recruiting for more).

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How a Well-Established Speech Pathology Clinic uses Power Diary to Streamline their Operations and Support Organic Growth

Devon Barnes started what was to become Lindfield Speech Pathology & Learning Centre 30 years ago in her garage. As the practice grew, she rented a local office, expanded and relocated, and they are now at the point where there are 10 speech pathologists working in the practice. Devon freely admits that the transition from a paper-based practice to online was difficult, but as she says; “It got to a point where something had to change.” After looking at all the major systems, they said; “We are really glad we chose Power Diary; it’s excellent.”

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How a Paper-Based Podiatry Practice went Digital after 37 Years

Denise Sutton has been practising as a podiatrist for 40 years but when people ask if she gets tired of looking at people’s feet all day, she replies that; “The feet might be the same, but the people are really fascinating.” She takes joy in helping others and is full to the brim with interesting stories from her home visits. Here, she explains why she decided to go digital with her practice and how it’s helping her help her clients.

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How a Unique Concept for a Psychology Practice is Supported by Streamlining Software and Systems

With a team of 8 psychologists, Walk Different offers outdoor-only walking therapy which “removes the awkwardness of seeing a psychologist in a traditional setting”. Since taking over the business, Marc Eskander has focused on putting processes in place to automate and simplify the experience for both clients and therapists. He says; “we need virtual solutions to ensure everyone is fully in the loop, and it needs to be as efficient as possible.”

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With 5 locations and 11 podiatrists, the team at Gold Standard Foot Care relies on Power Diary to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Gold Standard Foot Care is a well-established modern podiatry practice with clinics in five different locations. This growth has been facilitated in part by the practice’s move to online practice management software and, according to practice manager Jessica, the benefits of Power Diary for Gold Standard Foot Care have been felt in all areas of the practice. “Power Diary has made our lives ten times easier.”

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How a paediatric OT practice went digital and made life easier for their therapists and clients

Beryl was initially resistant to using new software but within a few short weeks, she and practice manager Caroline said that everything changed for Sensory Smart OT. Beryl says; “With Power Diary, we have been able to revolutionise the way we do things and streamline everything. We can track what the therapists are doing, which makes it easier for everyone to do their jobs, and keep the relevant parties informed.”

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Surgery Group Recommends Power Diary to all their Physicians

When Matthew sent us a brief message saying; “We have worked with over 20 different systems in 10 years. Power Diary is the best - I’m so glad I found it and made the switch!", we just had to find out more. As a cosmetic surgery provider operating throughout the UK, Surgery Group has expertise in many different practice management systems, but has never found one as user-friendly as Power Diary.

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An Autism-Specific Multi-Disciplinary Practice that Continues to Grow

In just 3 years, Acorn Autism has expanded to two clinic locations with 20 therapists, including speech therapists, occupational therapists, therapy technicians, dieticians and psychologists. Nicholas says; “With autism, engagement of family is paramount. We can do the therapy really well, but where you see the biggest change is when parents are involved in the process. Power Diary has the tools to help us be responsive to parent requests and efficiently communicate with the families that access our services.”

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